Tarot with Miss Tilney

IMG_20170917_122547_499Welcome to our Tarot & Guidance Column!

A message from our author, Miss Tilney:

When someone turns to tarot, it’s because there is something that they don’t know and want to. The cards, however, do not know the answer. They simply know how to lead the querent to the answer within themselves. You may have heard the term “intuition” in regards to tarot before. Intuition is not some magic, psychic ability that presents a clear answer to you. It is merely the knowledge that is already in you finally coming out in a way that answers your question. It’s your instincts and your subconscious giving you a message. A reader uses the tarot cards to guide the querent through their subconscious to find the answer to their question. The archetypes and symbols represented in the imagery of the cards have cultural and personal significance. These associations allow the reader to contextualize the querent’s concern, allowing the querent to address their concerns from a new perspective, with more information than was just floating around in their head. It gives them a clear path to follow through their chaotic thought forest as they search for the answer to their question.

The reader guides this process by presenting the meanings of the cards, and contextualizing the reader’s concerns into steps along the path to their answer, leading them through their forest. The reader asks guiding questions, and helps the querent come to a conclusion.

My goal is to make this journey a peaceful one. I want to ease my client’s anxieties and allow them to approach their future without fear. I aim to be honest with my clients and on my blogs at all times.

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Disclaimer:  tarot readings are for entertainment and spiritual purposes only. I do not claim to be, nor act as, a medical or legal professional and will not answer questions of that nature.