Spiritual & Religious Paths

There are larger religious paths that I see floating through the witchi-sphere that always catch my eye.  This is likely because these paths are often taught as if they are dead in schools. I have always been fascinated by non-Christian religions because Christianity is what is what most of US culture is based on.  Even as we work towards true religious freedom, many of our laws, morals and ethics, behavior, everything was shaped through a Christian perspective.

Old world religions are taught as nothing but history, that their gods and practices have entirely died out.  That any practice devoted to them is long gone

Who wants to guess how tired I am of this perspective? To combat this, below are some of the most common I see mentioned in pagan circles.


Modern revival of the Ancient Egyptian religion. The worship of Egyptian gods can have many different traditions from modern/eclectic to traditional.  Eclectic worshippers often try to connect with their gods through more modern means with technology or supplies available to them.  Traditionalists often try to practice ritual worship as closely to the ancient tradition as possible. This can be seen in any religion that includes god/goddess worship.


Encompasses the worship of the Greek pantheon, primarily the Twelve Olympians.

Old Norse

The worship of traditional religious practices from the pre-Christian era, primarily from Scandinavia/Germanic peoples .  It is a folk religion most associated with the Vikings.


Afro-American folk religion stemming from the slave population brought to Haiti and North Americas after undergoing forced conversion to Christianity.  Learn more about this religious practice here.

Santeria [or Lucumi]

Afro-American religion developed from the Caribbean peoples folk religion after occupation of the Spanish Empire.  Also associated with Voodoo, due to the origin of the West African peoples brought to the Caribbean islands. Learn more about this religious practice here.

Christian witch

There is often much conflict surrounding the blending of Christian faith with witchcraft.  Not only internal conflict within a person choosing to do so, but also within the external witchcraft community. Witchcraft has been labeled as a sin, and yet many resonate with the true teachings of love and forgiveness of Christianity.  It is an interesting dilemma that I am not quite prepared to dive into fully. 

If you have thoughts, questions, or new discoveries on any of the religious/spiritual paths mentions, please leave them below in the comment section!  I would love to be able to come back to this and add more detail and perspective on each.

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