Everyday Witchcraft – Coloring Books

For those of us that may be doing one, all, or none of the following:

A) hiding our craft,

b) have a small altar space,

c) have a space where fresh flowers or other plants are not a feasible option,

d) feel drawn to elements or geography that is not reasonably within reach regularly or

e) just because you can!

How have I not touched on the magickalness and potential of coloring books in your craft.

Pinterest - EW - Coloring Books

That’s right. Coloring books.

I love using coloring books in my craft. I pop finished pages or one’s I want to use for specific purpose right along side tarot readings or other messages in my grimoire. Working with them in an intentional, meditative practice gives them so much focused power.

The imagery is endless. While I used to be an alright doodler, I have been so out of touch with my artistic self that I have been genuinely afraid of working in my grimoire or just… doing witchwork in general. I got caught up in this idea of what it was “supposed to look like”, based on the beautiful works from others that I follow. Coloring books take that fear right out of me. For those of us that cannot create beautiful imagery from scratch on our own we now have a creative outlet to build upon. No two pages will look the same or hold the same meaning.

Also – for those of you hiding – no one suspects a coloring book. It’s pretty. It’s just self care. You “just enjoying coloring” if anyone questions you.

So, here are are a few ideas for how to incorporate them into your own practice!

  1. Use whole pages as dedications to deities, spirits, your own divine connections.
  2. Use them in meditative practice to pour your intention out on the page with color correspondences if you can’t find the right words for what you need.
  3. Cut out planetary-based images to focus any energy you may be drawing down from a an astrological working. Pop it into your grimoire, or carry it with you in a planner or pocket to keep it with you.
  4. On hand flower petals. We’ve all seen those beautiful ceremonial flower rings on instagram. This is great if you do not have the ability to get fresh flowers but want them represented on your altar or in your working.

I’ve linked a massive color correspondence list I’ve seen floating around the tumblrsphere here.

For those of you that may need a little help narrowing things down. I pulled together a quick list of books that caught my eye in Barnes & Noble. Obviously this is not going to encompass everything, but I think it covers enough of the major areas to get you rolling.

Grayscale Landscapes

Lost Ocean


Enchanted Forests

Enchanted Magical Forests

Myth & Magic

Fairies & Angels

Celtic Mandalas

Flower Mandalas

Celestial Mandalas

What is your favorite “everyday” item that you love incorporating into your practice?


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