Dear Miss Tilney: Seeking Soulmate

Hi! I’m Emmy,

Myinitials are EAM and I’m trying to find out if the person I care for, HES is meant to be with me romantically, and if we are soulmates; if so, how can I get to the path of getting to them? If you feel comfortable doing this reading that would be absolutely lovely! If not I 100% understand.

Have a lovely day, thank you so much!


Dear Emmy,

Thank you so much for writing in! To answer your question, I am using the Romantic Tarot and the Botanical Inspirations Oracle.

Emmy, you asked me if HES is your soulmate.

I personally don’t believe in soulmates, in one single person that

you are destined to be with, according to fate or God or something else. That kind of takes the fun out of choosing someone to be with. I am going to interpret “meant to be” and “soulmates” differently, as I am guessing that what you really want to know is whether or not this person returns your feelings.

I have been asked this question so many times! I know that you are nervous and you are here, searching for some sign that revealing your feelings to this person would end well. You are not alone. So many people ask me if the person they have feelings for returns their regard. It’s a difficult question to just ask someone, and puts you in a vulnerable place. Perhaps you are worried to tell them how you feel because it could ruin your friendship if they don’t feel the same, or at the very least clutter it up. And, of course, rejection stings, no matter how gracious of a person you are.

Don’t worry! No matter what happens, it will be okay.

Before I even ask my deck, I have this advice for you. Talk to them! At least eventually. If it seems completely obvious that they don’t like you romantically, then talking to them probably won’t help. But if you’re unsure, that means they are probably acting like they are into you. So just try talking to them.

Now, onto your reading. I pulled three cards for you.

The first card is meant to represent your feelings. The second card represents the general energy coming from this person in regards to you, so basically their feelings for you. The last card I pulled was in regards to your compatibility. I also threw in an oracle card.

For your feelings, I pulled the Fool. You are head over heels for this person!

I sense a lot of love here. You feel a little unsteady because of how strong your feelings are. You also feel like this could be a huge risk. But maybe this is the beginning of a really great thing for you. You don’t need to be worried about the risk, but you could be blinded by your feelings. Remember that HES is a whole person, and could be going through something you don’t know about.

For HES’s feelings, I pulled the 8 of Swords. Anun kneels in a chapel, while someone watches. HES is in a period of introspection right now, and perhaps there isn’t room for you quite yet. That watching man isn’t necessarily welcomed by the nun. Be respectful of whatever inner landscapes HES is wandering through right now. Eventually, they will get to a place where they are ready to let you in.

Now for the good news: For your compatibility, I pulled the 4 of Cups, which in this deck symbolizes a betrothal. I read this to mean that there is a lot of potential here for you two to be amazing together, but it will take understanding and patience on your part, and some time to straighten out their thoughts on your potential partner’s part. Of course, to get to this point you are going to have to tell them how you feel!

To solidify my interpretation, the oracle card I pulled was Thankful for Understanding. Both of you may need a little work and a little empathy to understand where the other person is coming from, but you will get there and you will be grateful for each other’s patience

Good luck Emmy! If anything rings true (or even horribly false) feel free to write back and give me an update! I get so emotionally invested in my client’s questions, and I love to hear more!

Thank you for asking for a reading,

Miss Tilney


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Disclaimer:  tarot readings are for entertainment and spiritual purposes only. I do not claim to be, nor act as, a medical or legal professional and will not answer questions of that nature.


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