My Top 5 Everyday Witch Tips

Hello, Mavens!

Today is quick and as to the point as I can get!

I’m quite a fan of everyday magick. I love the moments when I realize it’s at work during the day and it always recenters me during my work day. I thought I would share my favorite ways with you!

1. I track the moon cycle and major magickal events in my everyday planner. Not only on the monthly calendar, but on the dailies. It helps me keep an eye on my energy levels and if there is potentially any reason for weird vibes I may be picking up on.

2. One quick card draw each morning to focus my energy on OR to keep an eye out for. I use the latter when I’m feeling particularly on edge.

3. Daily Affirmations! Such an awesome way to focus your energy on what you want each day! Bonus – pair it with your daily tarot draw. 😉

4. Five minutes of meditation before bed or when you wake up – whatever works with your schedule. I know, I know. I rant and rave about meditation in literally every post it seems. But it’s so good for you, your brain, your energy!

5. Charm your everyday jewelry pieces to boost you throughout the day. I have my wedding ring charmed for protection and another ring for clarity.  They’re small, but mighty!

What are your favorite ways to practice a little magick everyday!?  I’m always on the hunt for more ways to incorporate my practice.


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2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Everyday Witch Tips

    1. Hi Emily! So sorry, I’m just now seeing this! My WP notifications have been acting up. Thank you for reading!!! It means so much to me.

      Charming is giving an item a specific purpose or intent while it’s being used. For example, I’ve charmed my wedding and engagement bands for clarity and protection. So while I wear them, they give me that energy. It helps me feel more in control of my anxiety and think in a clearer manner.

      Always feel free to reach out!! 💜

      《 Kat 》


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