Follow and share with me as I seek a higher understanding of spirit, magick, and paganism.

I found the wild woman lost in me and it has become my mission to share that awakening with you.  Our community is small, but wildly diverse. How we find spirit and reconnect with our soul and the world around us is beautiful and wild.

Come learn, transform, and create magickal, soul shifting moments with me.

Meet practitioners in our facebook group!  We’re building a social space for you to share all things spiritual and downright witchy with people that get it.


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If you know anything about me, I don’t practice in a traditional sense.  I dig through everything and sort out what resonates with me.  It’s a very intuitive process.  But it is still an overwhelming process.  Eventually, I found myself growing stagnant.  I was unsure of where to turn.  I was no longer moving forward spiritually.

Making a Maven will be all about you and developing your practice.  Each month, we’ll have an overarching theme and provide specialized content to guide your exploration.

This isn’t about building a coven or telling you how to practice.  This is about connecting with you and opening the door for you to discover what makes your spirit sing.

This free content is only be available to those subscribed.  You get access to a specialized content and a community of people learning and growing with you.

I hope you join us as we dive in!