Temperance & How I Read Tarot

Lately, I have been struggling with balance.
A few days from now will be the one year anniversary of moving into our home. My boyfriend, my two kitties, and I, live in a tiny house that is currently kind of a mess.
In that year, I don’t feel like I have learned to adult any better. There are dishes in the sink, and pieces of cardboard all over living room (the cats tear up boxes), clothes all over the bedroom, and towels on the bathroom floor. I haven’t raked the leaves up outside, and there’s actually a dead wreath from last Christmas leaning against my house.
Sometimes, I feel like such a failure at this adult world. How do I balance a full time job, loving my boyfriend and cats, spending time with my friends, and hobbies? As usual, I turn to my tarot cards for help.
When I first started reading tarot, I did it by the book.
DMT - Temperance
Literally, I would take out that little book that came with the cards, and follow all of the instructions. I would shuffle the cards, fan them out, and hover my left hand over the deck, waiting until a card called to me. It never did, so eventually I would just grab cards, lay them out in a spread, and then flip them over one by one, interpreting them as I went.

I currently read tarot with a much more flexible approach.

I start by I getting a snack, lighting a candle, and then I journal. I write down what is on my mind, typically something that’s bothering me. Today, it’s how to balance all of this, and end up with a healthy body, thriving mind, and content soul.
With a hot cocoa from Starbucks, I sat down with my tarot journal and wrote. “It’s been a year since we’ve moved in. I spent a month of that year unemployed, and the house was really clean during that month. Now, I am working full time, and trying to balance that and a clean house and having fun. Last week I had a panic attack. What can I do to pull all of this together?”
After sorting through my thoughts, and identifying what I am truly worried about, I pull out my cards and I chat with them. Shuffling the cards and telling them my worries just takes away my anxieties. It sort of makes me feel more in control, like I am finally doing something about it.
This time, I actually pulled out a significator card.
Typically, a significator card is chosen to add a more personal element to the reading, and to symbolize the person asking for the reading. However, I almost never use them that way.
I pulled out Temperance to symbolize the theme of the reading, and to focus myself on seeking balance. I actually chose my deck today based on which deck contains my favorite temperance card.

I asked four questions:

What part of my life needs the most work?

What can I do to pull my life together and find that balance?

What are of my life is doing well?

What can I do to create a healthy body, thriving mind, and content soul?

What part of my life needs the most work?

I pulled Judgement, who’s keywords are “renewal, discover, transition, and rebirth”. This storm brings a light. It reminds me of the quote by Louisa May Alcott, “I’m not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship”. Taking control of my own life and learning how to have confidence in my decisions and how I am steering my ship will help me bring balance to my life, by helping me prioritize what I truly want out of it.

What can I do to pull my life together and find balance?

I pulled Ace of Arrows, and Lovers. The keywords for Ace of Arrows are “creativity, beginnings, passion, and inspiration”. Part of finding balance is following my own heart and doing what makes me happiest. However, I also pulled the lovers, who’s keywords are “love, relationships, trust, and values”. I need to focus on the needs of those I love as well as my own, and find a way to balance the two.
What part of my life is going well?
I pulled the Seven of Stones, which represents “accomplishments, recognition, assessment, and patience”. I am so happy this card came up when I asked this question, because I have been working really hard to not get overwhelmed with the huge list of tasks in front of me, which ranges from the immediate “clean the litter box”, to the farther away “get a job that pays great, rock at it, and also buy a house”. Thinking about what I need to do to get where I want to be is simply terrifying. I have been trying instead to focus on taking baby steps, and feeling accomplished for each step I take closer to my goals, rather than feeling overwhelmed by how far away my goals seem.
What should I focus on to create a healthy body, thriving mind, and content soul?
To create a healthy body, I pulled the King of Stones. He is “knowledgeable, stable, practical, and successful”. So I should just keep working out, doing my best, and working steadily towards my healthy body goals until I am successful. For a thriving mind, I pulled the Tower. Not a great card, and at first I was stumped by “disaster, shock, destruction, and chaos”. But when I thought about it, I realized it meant that my mind needs challenges, and difficult things to mull over, in order to thrive. This too will build confidence. Finally, the Knight of Arrows tells me how to get to a content soul. The Knight is “adventurous, flamboyant, confident, and passionate”. Best stated by the decks booklet, I need to “know who [I am] and love it!” Be myself, and it will bring me peace.
This reading did help me feel a little bit more at peace, and took away some of that anxiety. It gave me something to focus on. Tonight, I will do some yoga, love on my boyfriend a little bit, and try to make my decisions confidently.

~ Miss Tilney*

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Dear Miss Tilney – Invisible Coworker

Dear Miss Tilney,

I recently started a new job and have been trying to connect with my co-workers and build a circle of people I can work well with. I have been placed in a smaller group with two others. These two, let’s call them Nancy and Shelly, are both around my age and are friendly people. However, I have connected more with the outgoing Nancy more so than the more reserved Shelly. Shelly does engage with others, but she doesn’t seem to have an interest in talking to or involving me unless absolutely necessary. The three of us have been assigned a single project that requires us to work together  closely. How do I get Shelly to reach out to me instead of me always being the initiator?


The Invisible Coworker

DMT - Invisible Coworker

Dear Invisible,

Congratulations on your new job!

It sounds like you are making friends. From my own personal experience, it is a possibility that Shelley here simply does not like you. If she feels comfortable talking to others but not you, it might be a strong possibility. However, this doesn’t have to be a problem, if it’s even accurate. It is definitely possible to have a very good professional relationship built on mutual respect while absolutely hating each other as people. I have done it – so you can too. To make this work, you both need to communicate with each other. Regardless of whether or not she likes you as a person, your question is an important one and vital to your success here.

I pulled cards from my Luminous Spirit Tarot and my Spirit Cats Oracle. While I shuffled, I simply read the cards your letter, and pulled two of them. The first card I pulled was the Seven of Cups. The Seven of Cups represents choices. Both you and Shelley have a choice to make here. Your choice is whether or not to worry about this too much. You have to just treat this like a professional relationship, or try to be her friend. Shelley has to decide herself whether or not she is open to being friends. There is a snake in one of the cups, implying that there is a bad choice to be made here. For you, I believe the bad choice is worrying so much about this that it is distracting for you.

I also pulled the Eight of Pentacles. Interestingly, the Eight of Pentacles is about apprenticeship and moving up that corporate ladder! Or whatever field you are in. In this situation, I think it means to really focus on your professional relationship with Shelley and just try your best at this project. Hopefully, that will earn her respect and open her up a little bit. The ladder is a pretty obvious symbol of progression, so focusing on the professional relationship and working hard, showing diligence and passion in your job, will help you with this relationship.

I also pulled an oracle card for you. I pulled Balance. This little sky kitten reminds you to balance your work life and your play. Make sure you work hard on this project, and have some fun too! Up to you to figure out how though!

Best of luck, Invisible Coworker. I hope Shelley comes out of her shell!

Thanks you so much for writing in,

~ Miss Tilney

Miss Tilney has pursued her own venture! Please follow her Instagram for readings.
Disclaimer:  tarot readings are for entertainment and spiritual purposes only. I do not claim to be, nor act as, a medical or legal professional and will not answer questions of that nature.
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Join the Magickal Mavens facebook group! It’s full of amazingly supportive practitioners that get it. Each week, I provide a live stream of the tarot forecast (and sometimes free short readings) and you’ll get access to special discount codes, promo teasers and future giveaways!
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August Guidance – Moving Forward

I’ve been wallowing a lot little the past few months. Feeling stuck in my career, feeling stuck spiritually, unwilling to discuss or face painful events in a constructive way. Basically – I’ve been doing a lot of bitching lately.
I traded hiking and working out regularly for the couch and Netflix. I stopped taking the dogs out every evening. I haven’t felt a fire for my job in a while, and it’s starting to show. I’m not sure if I just got burned out or if all the wild energy of August threw me off my game. I haven’t felt knocked around in a while – so I didn’t handle it very well.

They finally got sick of my pity party and used my August tarot challenge to give me a swift kick.

August’s message for me can be summed up quite nicely: “Quit wallowing, do something about it, but don’t forget to take care of yourself.”

So, we’re going to take that message into September and focus on it. I love actionable tarot. I don’t enjoy “tell me how X feels” questions – i want things I can control. Things I can focus on to change – to manifest what I need.

September better be ready for some #bossbabe level action. No more playing games – it’s time to rumble.

If you aren’t on IG and would like to see my draws, they are below. Please feel free to comment and let me know your interpretation of them! I’m still learning and love hearing how cards resonate with others.
Aug 2017 - Tarot Challenge

Month Spread

Theme: Sea Tom – seek bliss. the things that make me happy or interest me. be open, affectionate and sincere
Departing energy: The Cat – you’ve been searching for your path, smelling the roses along the way. my path has been laid, I just need to follow it and listen to my heart to let it guide me.
Incoming energy: The Emperor – hold onto my power and set firm boundaries. I need to trust myself and my decisions
Advice: Earth Queen – I take pride in caring for others but I need to remember to attend to my own well being.

Where is my energy today?

Reversed Six of Fire
Acting with integrity and giving respect to maintain respect.
I have a tendency to be the sounding board at work. Even if I cannot fix a problem immediately, I make sure the other person feels heard.
Eventually, once their emotions have calmed, they almost always come around and realize that certain things really are out of my reach. But they always recognize that I stopped what I was doing to have a genuine conversation with them.
Sometimes that is all someone needs – someone to hear them and not brush them away. Especially in an academic setting – parents will go above and beyond to advocate for their children. While I’m not a parent, I can understand wanting to make sure those you love are cared for and supported.

What messages are being hidden?

Reversed Five of Earth
This month has been HARD – I’ve felt completely unmotivated and lethargic. I started this month so excited to start this new journey and my plans have completely fallen to the wayside.
My negativity regarding my situation is holding me back. Obsessing over things is counter productive and only hurts me further as time goes on. I need to take action to change my circumstances.

What energy/ies should I be expanding on?

XIV Grace
I should be focusing on my ability to adapt my energy as I need to remain balanced. Both my work and personal life have felt quite turbulent, while not entirely negative, I’ve been forced to face various situations I would have rather avoided. It has been difficult to walk and face those moments with the appropriate response when I have felt so emotional and out of control.

What challenges do I need to overcome?

Reversed I Cat Magic
As noted in my previous post I’ve felt pretty out of control this month. I’m rarely a “things happen to me” kind of person. However, this month I have wallowed in this unmotivated lethargy. I need to focus on the thing in my life that I can control – myself.
My attitude and actions shape the perception those around have of me. They notice my growing negativity and sass – particularly when it is unwarranted.
I need to take a step back and reassess my action/reaction to things.

Where can I be more flexible?

Seven of Sea
My path is not set it stone for this project and blog. I have big dreams for what I hope it becomes, but those dreams take action to achieve. My own interests evolve and influence my practice and path frequently. Adaptation is key in order to experience growth. I need to let my path guide me to my next steps – not force it to be.

Full Moon

What to release?

Reversed Ace of Fire.
I’ve been feeling a little lost wondering “what is next”, I’ve been so used to controlling the direction of my life that now that I’ve accomplished those goals I’m sitting here faced with a million possibilities. I need to let go of my need for control and just enjoy being.

What to Keep

Reversed Sky King
I need to reconnect and let myself feel and express my emotions. I need to remain connected with my emotions and let them guide my growth.

Lesson From last cycle

Reversed Two of Sky
Patience. Let my energy flow and my intuition guide me in decisions. I need to trust myself and my choices.


Ten of Sea
Seek out the support my closest friends and family can provide. I am not an island. I need their experience and wisdom to learn and expand my experience and perception.

How can I become better grounded?

Reversed Fire Tom
If you know me, I’m often the “yes lady”. In work, at home, I always jump even if I don’t always see the full scope of a situation. If my readings for this month have a theme for me to learn, it’s patience. I need to slow down just enough for my brain and heart to catch up. I’m always so excited to experience a new adventure or opportunity that I don’t give myself a chance to prepare for it.

How can I expand my self-awareness?

XIV Grace (again*) I need to seek out the things that keep me steady, that bring me peace. I need to learn to be still for just a moment and breath before moving on. Remaining calm and poised will benefit my mind and spirit as I face new challenges.

What conflicts need to be laid to rest?

Reversed Sea Kitten
Family always brings up a flood of emotions for me. Anytime it comes up I revert back to a petulant sixteen year old girl that thinks if she ignores it long enough, it will resolve itself. Moving past these moments has always been one of my biggest hurdles.

Draw a card/d from a deck you rarely use

Reversed Queen of Swords from the Everyday Witch.
This deck got straight to the point, haha. It wasn’t going to waste the chance to tell me I’ve been behaving like a brat lately. Moody, emotional, it’s felt like a tough month. I obviously need to get over it and face what’s bothering me.

Mercury Retrograde

What will be affected

Reversed Earth King.
Those that depend on me need to learn to stand on their own. Establish boundaries to help them forge their own path.

What lessons can I learn

Reversed Sea Queen. I need to learn to find my own happiness and healthy outlets. I cannot expect my loved ones to be and fulfill every need I may have.

What projects/themes should I revisit?

Reversed Tower. Patience! Again! Haha. As if my previous draws weren’t enough of a hint. I need to slow down and focus on the task in front of me. One step at a time. Things will happen when they happen.

Best way to handle this retrograde

Reversed Seven of Sea. Follow through on my actions and projects. Focusing on the task at hand (^^^) will keep me from feeling overwhelmed and lost.

What energy/ies do I need to replenish?

Five of Earth
I need to focus on myself and trust that this slump I am in will pass. I’ve always been about self love and self care and my rituals have kind of fallen away. I need to refocus my energy on bringing myself up and loving where I am right now, I’ll move past it in time.

What energy/ies do I need to be more receptive of?

Eight of Fire
I need to recognize the moments where my energy kicks up. What really gets me moving and motivated? What makes me want to tackle everything in my path and take on the world? What am I passionate about?

Where do I need to stop procrastinating?

Seven of Earth.
I won’t lie – this one stumped me. The ultimate card of patience and relaxation. Things will come to be when they are ready. I shouldn’t try to force them into fruition. I guess I’ll take it as a sign that refocusing on caring for myself will allow the universe to get things going without my being in the way.

In what way can I be successful today?

Reversed Ace of Earth
I have some work to do… While I may be getting yelled at this month to be patient and calm, that doesn’t mean I can just sit on the sidelines. Work I do now will bring good things but the work must be done. Magick means effort.

Where can I be more responsible?

Reversed Cat Magic
I really need to refocus on the things I can control – my attitude, my actions, pretty much just ME. My bratty attitude has been a nuisance and it’s time to give a good kick in the pants and grow the hell up. Reclaiming your power is about owning all of you and while I can write about it, actions are what count.

Where can I show more gratitude?

Reversed Earth King
Appreciate my own abilities and the work we’ve done to establish our home as a safe and successful space. My husband and I work incredibly hard to move towards the lifestyle we want. He is my rock and he needs to know that I always look to him for support.

How can I be more authentic?

Ace of Earth
Be generous, patient, seek out the opportunities that bring me joy. Positivity in any situation is often my default. Things will get better or change.

Cleansing & Clearing:

How do you clear the unwanted energy from your decks?
I have a sacred space that my cards call home. It’s a cozy space that I frequently cleanse with this amazing Sacred Space spray I purchased from a local witch. It’s so calming and completely refocuses the energy in the space. I also give my cards kisses before doing big draws or if I feel I need to recenter with them.

New Moon:

What is my divine guidance (Inner Star Oracle – Magic)

Embrace the Change; Essential Growth; Unfolding Lesson

Lesson on What?

Earth Tom (jumper) -Laying the foundation for my endeavors through steady work and patience (ha, patience again). Developing skills and knowledge necessary to succeed
01 Cat – Happiness with where I am now and openness to new opportunities that are on their way
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