Maven Musing: Moving Slow

I know things have been extremely quiet around here lately. And for that, I am sorry. But during that silence, I have been doing some serious soul work that has made my perspective come into a sharp focus.
I’ve been moving much more slowly the last few weeks than I had realized. I don’t think it was a conscious choice, my body and spirit simply took the reins.

I had a shocking past life awakening in the midst of the eclipse and it triggered a bright, sudden awareness of my behavior. A deep rooted pain and fear that I have carried with me for as long as I can remember with no seeming reason.
I often operate from a space of frenzy and fear. Everything felt important and if I could not do it, I was failing. In all my soul work, I still have yet to overcome this deeply rooted issue. It’s exhausting and frustrating to see myself take a step forward and be drug two steps back.
I have spoken of the importance for solitude, silence, and slowing down before. But here I was revving up and running myself down.
Until one morning, I found myself laying in bed near tears thinking about having to get up. I had nothing else to give anyone, not even myself.  I felt a shift in me that something, anything, had to change. I felt as though I was drowning.
Where most everyone else seemed to be experiencing a wild upheaval of their external lives, all of my chaos remained internal. It was unseen, and therefore, I felt I could not explain it.  Without the physical evidence, it is always difficult to get others to believe your struggle.
So I’ve been hiding from everyone, whether they may have been aware of it or not. I demanded emotional space. I cleared away physical space in my home that I felt suffocated by.
It started a new trend where I left myself say no. I had a sudden recognition that I’m not racing anyone. Things will happen as I enact them. I do wield power and must control what I can and let the rest fall away.
But it has taken active work to do so. My passivity is what leads me into over commitment. I knew if I did not make myself nearly painfully present some days, I would slip back.
I’ve been practicing, and that resulted in holding you at arms length. I was not ready to share or push things along.  My own fears muddled things and I no longer feel called to do things just for the sake of saying I “did something”.
So I thank you for sticking around and checking in.  My Hermit days have brought me much clarity.
All my love,
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Tarot Forecast – 07.02 – 07.08-2018

Hello hello loves! This week is an interesting one. I woke up on Monday physically exhausted, but I could feel a shift deep inside had occurred. It’s difficult to describe but the best I can say is it felt like my spirit had finally grown weary of my current life choices. I have written about acting from a place of fear and working to overcome it and I still struggle greatly with taking my own advice.
But this morning felt different… as if my spirit and physical self had finally seen eye to eye on enough being enough. Things have to change if my magick is going to be as powerful as I know it can be.
This week’s astrology and tarot reading confirmed that. I absolutely love when I confirm the energy I feel I’m receiving.
Also, the cards I drew this week are almost a direct mirror to the cards drawn last week. Which made myself and my live stream guests very surprised.
1. What energy do we need to channel? Reversed Five of Sea [five of cups]
Release the past and fear that is holding you back. These fears have a deep hold on us that distract us from feeling capable of truly grasping the opportunities presented to us. I 20180702_205218200916757336969041.jpgknow that my own fears often hold me back and cause me to question my abilities constantly. This is a strong message to me to question why I hold onto those fears as my safety net.
In addition to an understanding of how our past drives us, there must also be a an acceptance of this past. There are lessons to be learned from it. We must move from a space of letting it define us, and into one in which we let it inform us. There is wisdom deep inside us, Intuition will bring that to the surface if we get quiet, listen, and trust.
Also, as we let this inner knowing flow forth, we must get clear on our true values and needs. What is it that makes us happiest? Where do we feel most at peace?
2. What do we need to keep an eye out for? Reversed Earth Queen [Queen of Pentacles]
Last week, we needed to channel our love and care for others and invite them into our space. Our spirit will feel at ease if take pride in our home and family. This week, we need to take a time out. There is the potential for imbalance in either focusing too closely on our home and loved ones too the point of smothering, or swinging the opposite way and practically disregarding their needs in favor of our own. This is your warning to get some clarity and find your sweet spot.
3. How can we overcome challenges? Reversed Nine of Fire [five of wands]
Be mindful of your decisions and judgement this week. I’ll
touch on some astrological influences this week that will likely be fueling this. Again, do now allow yourself to dwell and fester on the past and its influence on you. Find a positive space to channel your energy and focus your mind on that which sets you at east. Find your passion and your community that will support you through any struggles you may be feeling.
SSBC Seven of Fire [seven of wands]
Claim your power. You are in a space to make great change in your life as long as you make choices that are based on pure intentions. This is your moment to channel and
persevere. Be prepared for a challenge to your authority or position – there is a reason you have made it to where you are. There can be no compromise in owning who you are.
The transits this week that will likely influence our energy this week:
July 5th: Mercury in Leo opposition too Mars in Aquarius
Frustration and resentment that you have managed to keep at bay may find its way to the surface. Remember to stay calm and choose your words carefully. Choose your battles carefully this day, as everyone may feel on edge and it may be unwise to poke the bear.
July 8th: Sun in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces
A heightened sense of empathy and intuition this day. Give those around you your sympathy and understanding. Continue that trend of choosing your battles carefully and focus on making peace, not war.
I hope this reading gives you some peace and clarity about any feelings you may have been having.  I can feel myself hearing Intuition very clearly the last few days and it has been such relief to feel that guidance.
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Join the Magickal Mavens facebook group! It’s full of amazingly supportive practitioners that get it. Each week, I provide a live stream of the tarot forecast (and sometimes free short readings) and you’ll get access to special discount codes, promo teasers and future giveaways!
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Tarot Forecast: Jan 08 – Jan 14, 2018

Welcome to 2018!  If you’re anything like me, you usually roll into the new year in no rush. We’ve got a whole year to hit those milestones!  This year came at me like no other though.  I couldn’t breeze on in like everything was sunshine and daisies.  I hit the ground running and I’ve been determined to keep up that momentum.  I’m going to smash my goals out of the park this year.
With that in mind, I am adding weekly tarot readings back to my Sunday self care routine.  I thought I would share my readings with you!
This week’s theme, Surrender Control.  That can be a doozy for some of us.  But, while smashing goals may be at the forefront of our thoughts, we must remember that letting go is just as important. You cannot force what does not belong. Allow yourself to adapt to what comes and you’ll find the ride much smoother.
Monday & Tuesday, Jan 08 & Jan 09, are all about taking some time for yourself and recharging.  Kiddos officially go back to school this week – so now is the time to trust that their teachers are ready for them!  Take a few moments to yourself in the morning or during lunch to soak in some solitude.
Wednesday and Thursday, Jan 10 & Jan 11, just keep soaking in those quiet moments. We’re officially into the work week so if you find yourself coming back to a pile of “to dos”, take a moment to breath. Prioritize your “must dos” and close the office door if you can.  Monitoring your own energy will only benefit you.  You can’t control what must be done, so just chip away at it.
When Friday (Jan 12) comes by, it’s time to hit the restart button.  The week is gone and you should be feeling lighter with the benefit of that breathing room. If you’ve felt out of whack all week, take the time today to focus on reconnecting to divine spirit.
By Saturday & Sunday, (Jan 13 & 14), take some time to reconnect with your loved ones and seek out some companionship.  Enjoy the simple things and take it slow.
How to get through the week:  Express your truth.  While this seems to stand in contrast to Surrendering Control, I find it to be a nice support.  Don’t allow others to push you into an overwhelming position this week.  They can take a moment and step up, especially if it isn’t a dire situation.  Allow yourself to set expectations and maintain boundaries, they’ll survive without you for the moment.
Love & Light, Mavens!
Let me know how you read the cards drawn! I am always interested in other’s interpretations as they can only teach me more.
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