My [Simple] Full Moon Ritual

Someone asked me today if I had a simple full moon ritual that they could use to reenergize. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but for the sake of clarity – my rituals are not that intense. I’m always trying to find ways to bring more magick into my everyday routine, but I like to keep the fuss out of my practice right now. I focus on the fundamentals, on how it feels. I try not on what I think it’s supposed to look like. Every witch has her way.
Simple Full Moon Ritual
I like to use full moons as a quiet moment for myself. It’s a moment for me to lock myself away from the demands of everyday life and refocus. You can stop wherever you wish during this timeline.  This is my full evening after caring for my family and taking some time to unwind. I still manage to be in bed by 9pm.
Optional Supplies:

  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Sage Bundle for smoke cleansing
  • Pen & paper

Step 1 – Tidy up your home or your space. At least handle the major things so that your brain isn’t in overdrive thinking about everything you “need to get done”.
Step 2 – Smoke or salt cleanse your space. Open the windows and really get that fresh air and energy in.
Step 3 – Cleanse yourself. Shower, bath, whatever you prefer. Take the time to let your body relax and get into a space of calm.  I usually do a calming affirmation during my body cleanse. You can find some of my favorite affirmations here.
Step 4 – Minimum five minutes of meditation. There are some great playlists out there. I prefer to listen to soft instrumental music to help me through my meditations. Find one that you resonate with that does not pull your mind from concentrating on your breath.

Step 5 – There are options here depending on whether you are focused on manifesting or releasing. You can do both if you would like:

  1. Journal your intentions or what you would like to manifest into your life. Keep it very definitive and descriptive. Use “I am”, “This is” statements as if it is already true. Don’t give your magickal energy the chance to mess around and take forever to bring your manifestation to fruition.
  2. Focus on something that has you feeling “stuck”.  Dive into an emotion you have been feeling a lot of lately and why it has stuck with you.  How is it affecting you? I prefer to use the “stream of consciousness” method when doing this.  I try not to edit my thoughts or feelings – just let it all flow out of you. It doesn’t need to make sense or have proper grammar or spelling. Just let it out. It may get ugly and you may cry, but that is OKAY!  Allow yourself to feel it.

Step 6 – Depending on what you did in step 5, you will finalize your manifestation or release:

  1. Manifesting – Take your manifestations and fold them up. Focus on the positive energy you’ve put into them and really hold your intentions in your mind. Place your manifestations into a place that brings you happiness but that you will not disturb.  I have mine in a little glass box on my altar. I don’t touch it unless I’m adding to it or felt that I have manifested what I initially called. Light a candle and take a moment of silence to settle into that wonderful motivating feeling.
  2. Releasing – Take all of that emotional word-vomit you just laid down and rip it up. and then, light it on fire. Why do you think lighting your ex’s stuff seemed so appealing?  Let. That. Shit. Go.

And that’s it!  Once you feel you’ve really nailed down your manifestation or just taken the time to let go of whatever has its hold on you, take a moment of quiet and go to bed! Sleep is important. Let things be.
What is your full moon ritual?  Do you find yourself doing more or less than mine?
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Intentions & Magick

When you’re new to this journey, it’s easy to get swept along trying to do all the witchy and magickal things you read and hear you’re “supposed” to do.
We jump in feet first and follow the moon cycles and perform rituals and develop this deep connection to the world and nature around you and do all the spells to manifest all the things, etc., etc., etc., to feel as if we are a part of this community.
I totally burned out. I didn’t understand what the heck I was supposed to be focusing on to manifest the changes I wanted in my life.
Pinterest - Intentions & Magick
But it sounds so simple, right? Just pick a thing, focus on it and it should become what you envisioned.  If it was that easy to manifest change in ourselves and our lives, we would not be having this conversation. No one would. The injustices of the world would be fixed, no one would want for anything, and life as we know it will have achieved utopia.
If you have no idea how to navigate the hard stuff that drives intentions – your emotions – you are just going through the motions.  You are not engaging the true power of your emotional energy to push things into action.
Your energetic vibration is deeply tied to your emotional and mental state.  You can feel someone’s emotions radiate off of them if they feel something strong enough.  We’ve all had that moment where we can look at a person and just based on the air around them, we know exactly how they’re feeling.
That is the energy we want to put to work.
Magick aligns your energetic vibration with the vibration of your intention. By aligning those pieces, a clearer path for your energy to manifest your goal is created. I like to think of energy as a river. Without guidance or direction, it forges its own path through all sorts of obstacles. But energy, like water, is lazy.  It will always take the easiest route.
So how do we deal with the emotional baggage we carry when we’re taught to shy away from anything remotely negative. We bottle them up and roll them under the rug. We’re told that positive attitudes are everything.  If you aren’t being positive, you aren’t trying hard enough. How could you possibly manifest positive things into your life?
Positivity in the face of difficult situations is different than truly feeling positive. 
We face crappy situations every day, feel awful on the inside and still have a smile on our face and voice the hope that things turn out okay.
What you show to the world is rarely in alignment with what you truly feel. We are the masters of compartmentalization.
Those things that are hard to accept about yourself –that is where your intentions should be focused. Focus on your growth at your pace. You can’t work on all of you and change all of the things at once.  It’s a process. Your needs are going to evolve as you do and you will never be in the same place as your fellow witches. Forcing it is superficial and will get you a half-assed result that you’ll be dissatisfied with.
As Ron Swanson would say, “Never half-ass two things. Whole ass one thing.”
So – one emotional thing at a time, maven.
Here’s how I have been working on myself:
◊ Meditation

You had to have known I would say this, right? Even 5 minutes (and I can barely make it through 5 minutes) will give your brain a moment to just chill and actually work things out. Here are some of my favorite guided meditations to get started.

◊ Journaling of any kind.

Brain dump, art, whatever helps you get your emotions out of you so you don’t bottle them away. Once they’re out, they’re out and you’ll have to face them.

◊ Self care as ritual.

I love warm showers – I use them all the time to cleanse away the energy from the day and I feel lighter. It helps me focus and recharge. I am an introvert so I NEED to be able to find ways to recharge. Recognition of actions or interactions that change your energetic state is important. It will assist with developing your intuition.

◊ Tarot or divination tools

I know divination tools don’t jive with some people but if you’re open to trying out some more insightful questions you may be surprised by what they have to say. Try a tarot challenge that is ready to go.  I struggle with finding the right questions to ask myself.

◊ Natal or Birth Charts

This was so eye opening for me. I’m an Aquarius Sun, but I have never felt like anything to do with an Aquarius was me. Reading my full chart helped me understand why I react to certain things in a particular way and why I often feel in conflict with myself or with others. Here is where I got mine for free.

◊ Read. Read. Read.

Everything and Anything. Expand your worldview. Read up on things that you’ve always initially brushed away as “not your problem” or not your culture or history. Opening your mind to accepting all sorts of information and allowing yourself to develop an informed opinion on those matters will create this beautiful layering effect. Witches always say to take everything with a grain of salt – reading  will help you sort out what you resonate with or what serves no purpose in your craft.

If you have other ideas on how to get started on spiritual growth please share them!
I have seen some notes floating around that certain practices such as mindfulness or deep meditation can be dangerous for certain mental health issues. I always want our community to feel safe – so please chime in if you have experience with certain practices not working in those situations.
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