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May 2019 Tarot & Astrological Forecast

May is a month of invoking and creating a new world

[to invoke: call upon with purpose, power and clarity] it is a sacred promise, one made with awareness of impact

It’s very complex energy this month – things are moving along but not at the pace we would like. Taurus season is one of steady moving – it is an earth sign and therefore moves far slower that fiery Aries. But with Venus in Aries, there will be an undercurrent of passion to fuel us.

There are opportunities and big transformations possible and we may want them all. Beautiful invitations into growth, recentering and rebirthing.

I am finding myself going through these big shifts as well, which are most visible in our Facebook Group. I am so excited about this new found direction I am finding myself on both personally and for the greater community.

Before we dive in, I did want to mention we are hosting a fundraising event for a local no-kill animal shelter and clinic on May 18th! You can find the direct event link on the right-hand side or details here! One of our own mavens from the Facebook group will even be flying in to give readings! Check her out here: The Psychic Groomer. It will be a lot of fun.

In case you want to check out what’s coming up for the rest of the year, here is our 2019 Road Map.

Theme: Ten of Pentacles

This is one of those cards that promise everything will eventually come together and you will be proud of everything you achieved. You worked hard to get here, and now you can see the bigger impact your accomplishments have on others

The only limit of what you can achieve is set by your belief of what is possible.

The Ten of Pentacles also indicates a strong connection to our ancestors and family. If we are going to cultivate what we really desire, what limiting beliefs do we hold?  Which ones come from an inherent belief that has been passed to you by your family?

The genogram activity we did a few weeks ago in the MM Facebook Group with Heart Centered Adventures* would be a huge benefit to nailing down financial or “lifestyle” beliefs that have been passed down and ingrained in you.

How can you break free from these cycles and begin cultivating the life YOU desire – not the one that is expected of you.

*not sponsored – but I do recommend her services in developing a genogram for yourself!

Something to Release – Reversed Hermit

Are you deliberately avoiding going within out of fear of what you may discover and the changes that need to be made in your life?

Do you feel loneliness or a lack of community – are you spending time on your own to avoid your feelings or problems?

Have you become overwhelmed by what you need to face that instead of handling it, you just become obsessive thinking about it? That you’ve lost touch with reality a bit?

Let go of the fear and avoidance. Our greatest growth comes when we step into a space that makes us face uncomfortable feelings.

Something to Reevaluate – Reversed Fool

Now, every tarot card has a dual side, so keep that in mind in all of these readings. Sometimes, I channel a specific side of the card really strongly but if that doesn’t sound quite right – do some digging!

The Reversed Fool represents two paths – you are either acting too foolishly and living in the moment a little too much OR you may feel a little stalled out. You may not be quite ready to move forward with whatever it is you’ve been exploring about yourself, or what you’re creating. Regardless of how you have been behaving, reflect on WHY – why do you feel stuck or what are you avoiding by overwhelming your system?

Something You’ve Neglected – Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is our intuitive, nurturing side. We can become so caught up in the rat-race of “doing” that we lose focus of what our body and spirit are trying to tell us. Trusting our heart can be a difficult thing, but open yourself back up to it being a guide. You don’t have to pick ONE – learn to let your mind and heart work in tandem. They each have their strengths and will always find a way to lead you back to center.

Something to Look Forward Too – Eight of Cups

The eight of cups signifies disappointment, withdrawal, and escapism. Something feels like it is missing from our space, or we are not serving our Highest Self. We may not be living in alignment with our authentic self or we may be avoiding an emotionally charged situation that causes us pain.

But – reaching this state of mind means we have identified that which we lack. Which means we can pursue that which fills us up. It will be painful to step away from this situation we are emotionally connected too, but we will know deep in our soul that leaving it behind is what is best for us and everyone else involved.

Something That Will Help You Heal – Seven of Cups

Acknowledging and embracing the opportunities that lay before us but be wary of those that are “too good to be true”.

Do the due diligence with the decisions you must make. The process will help you trust yourself again and find a balance between your heart and mind. You don’t want to let yourself get swept away by the next “shiny” perfect looking thing. Focus on one thing at a time – no is not always no, sometimes it just means “not right now”.

Comment below how you plan to reconnect with your body! Do you have a favorite activity or ritual you use?

The Stars

May 1 – Uranus and Neptune semi-square

We will feel inspired and want to shake things up.  But hold frustration that we are not feeling fulfilled with our current situation. Avoid situations which feel “too good to be true” or going down a path that doesn’t really have a steady foundation or feels impractical.

May 4 – New Moon in Taurus [supported by Venus in Aries]

What is stored within our body that can emerge into our conscious. “Cellular knowing” – mileage out of the data that is stored within our body

Taurus is aligned with hierophant Jupiter, now retrograde, catalyzing sudden insights and a view of the big picture along with a dawning realization that you have the agency to leverage this power, instead of being swept along by it.

“if everything is up for grabs and nothing is a given, what would I want to create in the world/for the world and how would I go about creating it?” –

What do we want and how do we nurture it

May 6 – Mercury enters Taurus

We communicate in a more hands-on type of way. Very rooted in results and tangible outcomes. This is a great transit to set down realistic goals. We may feel the need to choose our words more carefully and consider their impact before sharing. We can successfully focus in on a goal, but don’t put blinders on that keep you from taking information that can better support your visio

May 15 – Venus enters Taurus

Venus loves being in Taurus. This is where she thrives and brings up all those sensual, affectionate feelings. She prefers quality over quantity and expects long-term stable situations. She’s practical but indulges in all of her favorite things.

Beware of becoming too possessive over those you are close with during this transit. Venus loves love, but Taurus is stubborn and strongly claims what is hers.

Mars enters Cancer

What we want and how we want it will depend on our mood – can be prone to impulsiveness and feeling defensive

Get a good plan for the month in place so that during this transit you know you made a plan with a more steady state of mind and emotional influence

May 18 – Full Moon in Scorpio

A full moon in Scorpio is a profound thing. Full moons already illuminate that which hides from plain sight. Scorpio makes a point to uncover all those little secret spaces and thoughts and feelings. It strips away all of the bullshit, surface level crap and gets right down to facing those darker, more uncomfortable aspects of self. It is necessary to work in order to go through a rebirthing process.

Neptune is a strong influence this month, which pulls in an even dreamer, illusory aspect.  We are called to see through such hallucinations and power through.

  • Working with the planets that are currently retrograde:
    • Jupiter in Virgo: trusting body
    • Saturn in Sagittarius: restoring faith and following synchronicities
    • Pluto in Capricorn: reconnecting with what is timeless and in harmony in nature

Working through ^ those aspects provide a solid foundation to really ask yourself what is going on and “where” are you right now.

Check what house your natal Neptune is in for more insight to how you can bring all of these things together as a strength.

  • Where, what, who brings you feelings of security.
  • Where, what, who brings you feelings of toxicity.

May 21 – Sun and Mercury in Gemini

We will likely more sociable, and ever curious when the Sun and Mercury enter Gemini. Our energy will be a little more scattered as we pursue everything that piques our interest.

We may feel easily distracted, focused more on knowing at a surface level rather than deep diving into a particular topic. “Grazers” of information, haha

Be wary of being more flaky and unreliable during this transit.

And that’s it! Whole month ahead for you to prepare for. I’m sorry it’s a few days late. We had some technical difficulties. I swear that not every video I post is going to be an hour long, haha. Those darn live streams just get me into a zone!

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