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June 2019 Tarot Reading

Happy June mavens! I honestly cannot believe we are already halfway through the year. It feels like time has seriously flown by and my to-do list is ever growing. It’s time for our monthly tarot reading!

I am switching things up a little this month and focusing more on the cards I drew rather than trying to cram all of the cards and stars into one space. It was overwhelming for me and I know a little bit too much information overload for you.

Without further ado, let’s jump into June’s tarot reading!

Our theme: The Ace of Swords

Pulled from our 2019 Roadmap, this card couldn’t be more fitting. June is usually when we start evaluating where we’ve gotten so far this year. Assessing what have we accomplished and preparing for what is to come.

The Ace of Swords indicates new ideas, inspiration, and breakthroughs! Which we definitely need to foster and channel to achieve what we wanted this year.

Release: The High Priestess

As mentioned in the video, I struggled with this one for a second. But The High Priestess is always a sign for me to reconnect with Spirit and my intuition. Releasing our need to think with our head and engage our heart is important.

Usually, at this time in the year, we’ve found ourselves pulled along by the demands of life. It’s pretty easy to feel the overwhelm of life and go into “autopilot” rather than working on intentional action. Now is the time to recenter and reassess what we have actually gotten ourselves into the last few months.

Trust that these new ideas and breakthroughs are for your betterment.

Reevaluate: The Hanged Man – Reversed

The card of surrender. The Hanged Man is just doing just that, hanging out and trusting that the answer will come to him and he will be released.

A sign that we need to evaluate what has felt like an unnecessary challenge.

Neglected: The Ace of Cups – Reversed

We have been disconnected from our intuition, our feelings, and caring for Self. If we’ve been in hustle mode trying to manifest and achieve, we may have unintentionally created that blocked off feeling ourselves in some way. Trying to get through the grind and make things happen can quickly turn into running ourselves down, losing track of where we’re going and forcing things along that aren’t meant to be.

Look Forward: Four of Wands

Celebration and harmony. Reflect on all that you have achieved in the last few months. Things are moving along in our desired direction, maybe not as fast as we would like, but they are moving! Celebrate that!

Helping us heal: Page of Cups – Reversed

Embrace your new ideas and silence the voices of doubt or truths you hold that you know to be false. What is your truth? The Scorpio full moon pushed us to begin shedding those final layers of Self that only hold you back. Move into that discomfort so that you can move into your next phase of Self.

SSBC [Clarity Card] – The Eight of Pentacles

Mastery & Self Development

What we are building requires practice, diligence, and time to achieve the quality that you want.

headwitch, Kat Davies, holding tarot cards from June's 2019 tarot reading with teaser title overlaid

Let me know in the comments what you are looking forward to this month!

I challenge you to reflect on the following:

  • What do you need to release to achieve your “Why”?
  • What do you need to master to achieve your “Why”?

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I’ll be announcing our June challenge in the coming days. I haven’t quite settled on something that feels “right” for the month as of yet… It will come to me!

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