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April 2019 Tarot & Astro Forecast

Happy April! It is wild to me that we are already stepping into the second quarter of the month. The past few months have been wild and filled with some unexpected moments, but ultimately so eye-opening. I feel more focused now than I have in a little while.

We ran our first Psychic Fair at a stunning studio space last month. I don’t even have the words to describe how it made me feel so see so many people coming out to support other local practitioners and just enjoy each other.

We’re running an awesome divination challenge on Facebook and Instagram all related to The Fool’s Journey. We’ve technically already started, but better late than never!

This challenge will focus on channeling the energy of the archetypes within the Major and Minor Arcana. After diving into this reading, I’m actually really excited I felt so called to it.

It was created by this lovely artist – Taylor Johnson, who also has a super adorable cat named Birdie! Y’all know I can’t help but gush over a cute four-legged fluff.

So this month, I am taking a step sort of out of my comfort zone. This seems to be a recurring theme… I live stream these tarot and astrology readings every month within the Facebook Group and just share essentially my notes and added thoughts here. This month, I have decided to make those videos available to everyone!

So you’ll not only get my notes because some of us are visual-processers but also watch! I hope you enjoy it. I already have some changes in mind going forward but we have to start somewhere!

So let’s do this!

I am always tying these monthly readings back to our 2019 Road Map Reading. This is a great spot to plan in advance a little bit if you are wanting to anchor your own readings!

Theme: Seven of Swords

The Seven of swords has a strong dual-nature to it. Like anything, there is always the chance that you could wield your strength in a way that harms you. This card specifically calls out our ability to think critically and outside the box and the potential for us to deceive or be deceived.

Strategize and Prioritize

Take the time to ask yourself the following as you make decisions this month.

  • What can you feasibly carry with you?
  • What will have the impact you seek
  • What purpose do our actions serve?
  • Does this shortcut or opportunity feel like it will genuinely serve our needs
  • Are we capitalizing on opportunities to move forward?

Allow yourself to think outside the box and consider new perspectives when problem solving. Trust your gut and act if you feel called too, but always consider the outcome.


Are you hiding something? Be aware of what the lasting effects of your subterfuge may have on your relationships if you are found out. Are those consequences worth the risk?

Alternatively, what feels too good to be true? Trust yourself and your intuition – you may be on the receiving end of someone else’s shady behavior.

What is Leaving us? The R Star

The fear or confusion regarding our path is starting to clear from us. Last month in particular, we found ourselves asking at a 10,000 ft level “Why are we doing what we’re doing?”

It easy to lose sight of our purpose and become totally disengaged from the world around us. We began questioning our choices and that has a snowball effect on our lives. We start questioning everything and suddenly find ourselves incapable of following through with anything.

The Star reminds us that it is okay to take a moment of pause and regain our center.

What is Continuing? R 10 of Cups

As we walk along our path, it’s twists and turns bring to light to aspects or perspectives we may not have really been prepared for. Now is the time to assess the relationships within our lives – with yourself and with others.  

Something isn’t quite lining up still and this comes down to a sense of misaligned values.

The Ten of Cups is a sign that you are seeking a deeper level of communication and connection in your relationships.

Ask yourself:

  • Do your actions reflect the value system you hold?
  • Do the people in your life hold similar values you do?

It’s important to remember that sometimes we hold onto things that were only meant for us to experience for a season, or to learn a specific lesson. Letting go of relationships that do not support and serve yourself or others is a perfectly healthy thing to go through.

What is entering? R Ace of Cups

Through the reminder to strategize and really assess your choices this month, the Ace of Cups calls on us to bring forth repressed feelings.

Trust your in your intuition. It wants you to act on something that has been nagging at you. Whether it be to let go of something, or connect with someone [or a part of yourself] on a deeper level.

Why are we acting and behaving as we are is truly the question for this month. Getting in touch with our motivations, values, and expectations of Self and others is incredibly important. What do you need you support system to look like? Why isn’t it functioning that way? How and why are you struggling to support another?

Though we may feel like islands, we impact the world around us more than we can understand at times. We must accept and understand the waxing and waning nature of relationships and the part we play in them.

Career R King of Wands

Are we managing or leading, because there is a difference. And do we have the skills to lead at the level we [or others] expect us too?

We may be passionate about the direction we are going, but it can come across as aggressive and push people away from engaging with us to bring it to fruition. Don’t take advantage of the work and expertise others offer you.

Get real about the expectations you set for yourself and others. You may have grand plans but without a reasonable, grounded strategy, you are setting yourself and your team up to fail.

Relationship Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands is inspired, and ready to take action. He is enthusiastic about his mission.

Now, this is interesting because the overall message of this month is residing very heavily in our emotional connection with ourself and with others. The Knight is a do first, ask later type of archetype. So while the rest of the cards want us to address our internal conflicts and needs – the Knight wants us to ACT on those feelings. Make the changes that need to be made. Open yourself up to being vulnerable and those that can keep up with you will still be there.

This isn’t an excuse to fly off the handle though – Strategy is still key this month. Allow the Knight to support and embolden your choices to cultivate your healthiest relationships and support system. Reign in and focus his need for action to choices that truly benefit you, rather than allowing it to go off like a scatter shot.

Travel! The Knight of Wands is also a sign of travel and adventure. He has traveled far and wide to reach his destination and his goal

Personal Growth The World

The World is perfectly balanced between the the cardinal signs and elements. Much like the Wheel of Fortune, this card symbolizes the nature of cycles.

This is a sign that we will complete a major cycle in understanding Self. There is a saying that you become like the 5 [or is it 7?] people you spend most of your time with. This entire month will be about addressing our relationship with Self and our support system to manifest our desires.

We are on our way to creating what it is we need to thrive.

Overall Advice The 8 of Wands

Go with the flow and don’t resist when change appears. It will be quick moving and being fully present will be required to navigate it. Create a strategy to get your focus lasered in on what you want to accomplish and how you are going to do so. Pursue the opportunities that present themselves and remain open to the possibilities.

The 8 of wands can also indicate travel of some sort, so keep that in mind!

The Seven of swords may be about strategy, but he is an opportunist and he is all about thinking outside the box. He is clever and quick. Allow him to support you through all things and you will navigate changes with ease.

Just keep your goal at the forefront – what [and why] do you need to achieve your goal? Who and what is and is not serving you in making it a reality?

The Stars

Aries new moon – April 5th

One of opportunity and powerful intention setting. As the first new moon of the astrological year, what we set in motion now will follow us throughout the entire cycle.

Like the Seven of Swords reminds us – what is it we need and want to accomplish and how can we make that happen?

There is also a consistent message of travel this month. Take the time to get your finances into shape, [taxes are also due this month so plan on what you can put that tax return to use for!]

April 10th – Jupiter goes retrograde

April 19th – Full moon in Libra

Recall our full moon in Libra last month!  This event ties directly to all of that relationship work we are being called to do in the cards. What relationships are you feeling tension in? Is it time to release yourself or can it be healed?

Set clear boundaries for yourself and take the time to reflect on

  • Others behavior we allow
  • Our behavior towards others that is unhealthy or potentially harmful
  • What is best for everyone involved?

Libra seeks harmony and peace and sometimes that means walking away.

April 20th – the beginning of Taurus season!

From Fire to Earth – we’re about to touch down, cool out, and get into the hard work that goes into pushing our passions forward. Fire gets things started, but earth will support us in laying the foundation and systems to carry things on.

Taurus will also want us to rest! All of that energy we’re expended in Aries needs to be replenished. Allowing ourselves to rest and reflect is just as important as getting our hustle on. You cannot run on an empty tank.

April 22nd – Sun and Uranus align

Uranus is a planet that works in the background. This is an opportunity for that unseen work and energy to come to the forefront. We’re about to download some serious insights.

Uranus is a planet of change and action – Taurus likes stability and predictability. Naturally at odds, we’re going to feel some push and pull – your chart can highlight where in your life you are likely to feel this affect most.

Ex – Taurus rising is trine with Jupiter, Uranus, AND Neptune. So I’m going to feel slightly more positive impacts than someone that may have Uranus in a place of opposition or squared. The First House [ascendant] is our sense of Self – how do I navigate the world around me, my attitude on life and how do others perceive me.

April 24th – Pluto goes retrograde

April 29th – Saturn goes retrograde

Where do you see this month impacting you the most? At home, at work, with Self?

As always, thank you all so much for your support as we work to provide better resources and opportunities for you.

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