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March 2019 Tarot Forecast

February was rough. I mean, we had all the warning in the world for it but it still caught me off guard. Luckily, my plan to take a step back and allow others to provide discussion and perspective worked out perfectly. The newsletter didn’t get out, but ultimately, I felt a small bit of confirmation that I can let go a little bit.

That being said, if you are interested in providing group discussion or would like to share your voice in some way, always feel free to contact me!

Now that I am finally getting my feet back on the ground. March truly felt like it would be a powerful month and low-and-behold, it will be.

AstroButterfly did a wonderful job laying out this month’s astroforcast. Go check her out! It is always my favorite thing to see how the cards are aligning with the starts. I’ve even started including a side-by-side layout of both in my bullet journal!


Our card for March from our 2019 yearly overview was the Reversed Knight of Swords.

Patience is key this month.

We all fall victim to impulsive behavior if we are not seeing the results we expected as quickly as we wanted. Keep your end goal clear in your minds eye and be intentional about the path you take to get there.

What is leaving us?

The Reversed Chariot indicates a loss of control and lack of direction. We may have been easily influenced by others along our path. This month, we have found new clarity and can right our ship so to speak.

The Virgo full moon likely illuminated exactly what it is you needed to move forward.

What is continuing with us?

The Reversed King of Swords. I swear this card has been popping up so much lately. Or maybe it just sticks out to me because I love swords so much.

Embracing and channeling our inner power. Quiet, intentional action is how we must move forward. Do not yell your plans into the crowd before they have actually been put into motion. We open ourselves up to the ill-intent of others [even unintentional ill-intent] which can undermine our own intentions.

This is also a warning that as we move with action and power, we should not abuse it. Do not use it to manipulate others that respect you. We are in a place to guide through action, which can create something beautiful.

What is entering our space?

Celebration and success! The Six of Wands is such a happy card. We are making progress and all our hard work will be recognized.

Embrace and lean into your strengths – good things are coming and we should be proud of ourselves.


The Reversed Three of Pentacles

There is a disconnect happening. You and your team aren’t really on the same page with what needs to be happening. It’s possible that they just cannot give to the endeavor what you need the too.

Bring some more systemic energy to your work, lay out exactly what you need to accomplish and commit to it. If you must, strike out on your own! If your team cannot support you the way you need at the moment, take matters into your own hands. Appreciate what they have done thus far, but do not let them derail you if something must be done.


Relationships seem to have been in an upheaval as of late. I’ve found myself sharing a deeper part of Self and it has brought to light what I truly need to feel supported.

The Seven of Pentacles reminds us to focus on cultivating relationships that truly support us in the long term. Be patient and present with those in your life.

Take the time to access if those you are putting energy into are genuinely there for your highest, greatest good.

Personal Growth

Fairness, truth and accountability. Justice brings to light the wrongs we have had done against us or that we have committed.

I think it is important to focus on ourSelves this season. As we move closer to spring, we are coming out of a season of deep reflection. It is time for us to take responsibility for our actions in the world around us.

We can only control ourselves, and we must take the time to acknowledge our weaknesses. How do we handle failure? How do we handle success?

Is our behavior aligning with the truth we wish to live by?

Challenge yourself to look in the mirror and assess if you are truly walking the path you speak of.

Overall Advice

Assessing our internal belief system, and how we are aligning our internal and external lives to that system is important.

The Reversed Hierophant calls on us to look within and be discerning about what we have taken to be our “truth”. Does it truly fit, or are we carrying it without purpose?

I hope this month brings many great shifts and awakenings for you mavens! I am quite excited about what is to come.

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