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Challenges Abound – February 2019 Tarot & Astro Forecast

Hey all, Kat here!

Before I dive into things, I just wanted to point some things out.  Honestly, I wasn’t going too because I don’t actually have to justify my choices but you know… sometimes Spirit just wants  you to speak your truth. You may notice some mild sass, which is rare, but you know.. Spirit.

You may notice some changes happening around the MM social media and eventually the blog. I’ll be moving a lot of my personal experiences to my own platform [@theauburnalchemist] and column. MM will be shifting to highlight other’s within the community and our spiritual development resources.

It’s something that I have really been considering and it finally feels like it makes sense.  So, it will be a work in progress, but eventually, I will just be one of many mavens you can follow and learn from!

Of course, I choose to start making this shift in a month that is full of rock your boat shifts and energy. You would think we would get a break after the wandering through January we did.  We were supposed to have a sense of purpose and really get clear on what we want for 2019. And yet, January was r o u g h. That Fool grabbed our hands, gave us a sense of wonder and adventure and drug us down the path aimlessly.

That aimless action and purpose has now come to a head for February.

Our theme this month is the Five of Wands.

Fives in Rider-Waite tarot, regardless of suit, highlight conflict, change, and disjointed chaos. Our wandering the last month has caused us to drift and we will find ourselves facing challenges. Specifically what our true purpose and intentions are. To overcome being smacked around by the flailing of what is happening around us, we must get quiet and really listen. Why are we pursuing what we are pursuing?  What needs our immediate attention?

So what are we releasing?

Though potentially painful – who and what distracts us from our purpose. The things that cannot support us and make us compromise our expectations and boundaries.  The Reversed Lovers signify imbalance, unhealthy relationships. Alternatively, they also represent self love, self care and self respect. Though painful, it is for our highest and greatest good.

And we will carry that pain with us.

As the stars [and cards] align this month, our deepest pains will be brought to the surface. The Ten of Swords signifies a powerful, but painful ending to something. These wounds will take time to heal, but we must acknowledge them. A powerful ending is being brought to us. It is important we accept what has happened to us. We cannot control the actions of others, only our own.  How long we choose to brush away our pain and begin healing is on us.

Now, healing is possibly the worst thing we do to our spirits, haha. It’s painful and messy and it is just oh, so, easy to go back to the things we are comfortable with. Even though we know they are bad for us, we as humans like to be comfortable.

The Devil, with his big scary horns, and claws and chains wants us to hang out with him.

Our shadow selves are going to rise up while we face this pain and try to convince us to do all the things we know we shouldn’t. It’s going to whisper into our ear and affirm all of our fears about why we shouldn’t do X, Y Z.

Now let’s get specific. What do we need to prepare for in our everyday human lives.


The Reversed Chariot signifies that we must regain some self-discipline when it comes to our career. Where is your focus right now? What is preventing you from achieving your goals? Are they self-imposed? Get focused and let that which distracts you fall away. If it does not serve a legitimate purpose, it should have no place in your life.

Personal Growth:

The Four of Wands are all about celebration and harmony. All of this work that must be done to overcome our deepest pains and shadow self will culminate in a healthier happier you. Our work is best done when we have a space where we feel supported and loved to do the digging into the grossest parts of ourselves. You have it, or have access to it, and you should embrace it.


Again, another five. Conflict, regret, and disappointment – the words you almost never want to hear regarding a relationship. As things end, we may get stuck on what was, what never was, and how utterly disappointing it is that it will never be. Allow yourself to let it go and open your eyes. New opportunities surround you, things that need your time and attention.

Above all, we must trust our intuition. Embrace your inner High Priestess and Divine Feminine and know that you have everything within to guide you. We need to care for ourselves and hear our needs.

Now, all of this is fueled by some transits that are really going to bring our deepest needs and wounds to the surface.

On February 3rd, Venus entered Capricorn and called on us to consider quality over quantity. Venus in Cap wants everything to be absolutely perfect – the perfect love, the perfect career, the perfect version of Self. But our inability to reach that level of perfectionism is underlined by Aquarius questioning if who we currently are is actually us.

This new moon challenges us to expand our sense of Self. We are shaped by the interactions we have with others, and yet those interactions can either bring on a deep sense of confusion or sudden liberation.

Aquarius is a fixed masculine air sign. It focuses on that which you cannot see, but know to be true. Societal expectations and norms for example. It embraces the pursuit of knowledge and utilizes that knowledge to support the needs of the many.  Always the humanitarian, Aquarius focuses on the whole and can often lose its sense of Self in the process. “Who am I?” seems to be the only question Aquarius struggles to answer.

Conjunct with Mercury, the high level feelings are suddenly translated into messages we can process. And Jupiter in Sagittarius calls on us to trust and believe. They will help open us up to what we have been blind to.

Our ultimate goal is to pull aspects of Self to the surface so that we can fully work together in unison, rather than as disjointed parts.

Chiron also enters Aries on February 18th and our deepest wounds will find themselves fully illuminated.

Chiron and Aries together aim to heal our deepest wound – our identity. Pairing this with Aquarius’ need to expand our sense of Self and you may find yourself having an existential crisis. The stars have never screamed “Who are you?” so loudly before.

I feel mildly attacked by the stars as this is my birthday and I would have liked to not feel as though I was having an identity crisis as I was officially entering my late 20s. Also, my Saturn Return is all sorts of wacked out so … I ask now that you give me patience as I sort out my life, haha.  

Venus in Capricorn tells us that we will become who we are meant to become. Chiron in Aries tells us for that that to happen, far more work must occur.

Focus on yourself, and do not get lost in the expectations others have placed upon you.

Break free from societal conditioning and allow yourself to explore the places you previously felt barred from.

The full moon on February 19 will bring so much into focus as she enters Virgo.  Virgo will seek to heal our identity wound by illuminating the separate parts of Self.

Venus will conjunct the South Node on February 26 and remind us that perfection is not a realistic expectation and does not exist.  We will always be working to achieve our ideal sense of Self and life.

So in short, depending on where Chiron falls in your chart, and how strongly you are impacted by Aquarius, you may feel a slight twinge of existential crisis. Our identity must be healed for us to embrace our whole selves. Do so with care and love for yourself. It will probably suck, but you’ll come out the otherside a happier healthier version of you.

As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments. I would love to know how you’re working with the moon and the cards and just, all the things really.

All my love!


HWIC, The Auburn Alchemist

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