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January 2019 Tarot Reading – Navigating the Fool

I know, I am just as shocked as you are – two tarot readings actually posted on time!? I told you, 2019 is my year. Honestly, 2019 seems to feel like everyone’s year. Anyone I speak with is so excited and motivated to achieve their goals. I feel like as we get closer to the new year, everyone says that but this time it is as though everyone truly feels it at their core.

I’ve been making some major shifts to my own practice and it is directly translated into how I am working. Every choice and step we take should be focused on achieving our goals.

I am determined to actively use my tarot spreads to navigate the coming months. I need a map, a plan, something to basically hold my hand. Spirit guides, now is your time to shine!

So let’s dive on in.

I haven’t really posted here how I have shifted the monthly readings. The initial weekly layout was great for exactly that, the week. I came across a great monthly layout by Tender Roots Tarot.

Her layouts always touch on the key points you’re searching for. I need to do very little to make them feel like they are “mine”. Go show her some love and support.

January’s theme from the 2019 Tarot Reading was The Fool. I’m going to take that card as the “Theme” for this month. I thought it would be a nice way to tie all of my readings for the year together.

As we step into January open to the possibilities, we must do so with intention. There is a reason we are setting off on the path set before us. The Fool is often naive and lacking self awareness. It is important that we do not wear a mask or make a mockery of what it is we seek. Actions, not words, are important this month.

What are we leaving behind?

Reversed Justice signifies a lack of accountability or feelings of unfairness. It is easy feel as though life happens to us. In some cases, it does. You cannot control the actions of others or mother nature.

Forgive yourself for the choices you may regret from your past. Actively choose now to move forward with intention to be the best version of you possible. How can you work to ensure you do not repeat these mistakes?

What are we continuing?

Reversed Judgement indicates that we need to remain in a space of self reflection and evaluation. What messages from Spirit have you been ignoring? How can you truly be your most authentic, happiest, healthiest self? Use your fears to fuel your passions instead of letting them convince you to turn tail and run.

What is entering our life?

The Reversed Seven of Wands reminds us to be aware of old shadow patterns. When we feel overwhelmed we will likely jump to avoidance. Just because you don’t open your email doesn’t mean they aren’t there, haha. Your “to do” list will only grow the longer you put things off. Make a plan and do not give in. Mark out your must do’s and break them down as much as possible until it is reasonable.

bottom half of January 2019 tarot reading

Developments in Career

What better words can you come across at the start of the new year? How about harmony and alignment. The Ten of Cups is always a good omen. Trust your heart and intuition regarding the opportunities you are offered. We will finally feel a moment of peace and happiness with the work we have been creating.

Developments in Relationships

The Four of Swords wants you to focus on caring for yourself before you care for others. Let your energy resettle and realign. Embrace your inner introvert and rest when you can. You cannot fill someone else from an empty cup.

Developments in Personal Growth

We are currently walking through a rite of passage in some area of our life. The Six of Swords indicates a major transition and release. I am quite a fan of this card, as I have been chucking old baggage out the window left and right. There are shifts we all must make. For some, they are external and require a massive upheaval of everything and everyone tangible in our lives. For others, like me, they are deep shifts and lessons to learn about Self.


The Reversed Two of Pentacles reminds us that we must embrace structure, time management and ourselves to succeed this month. I give you permission to be a little selfish every now and then. Be mindful of who you give your time and energy too. Only you can manifest your dreams into reality.

I would love to know what cards you pulled for yourself and if any from this reading resonated with you.

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