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2019 Tarot Reading – New Year Road Map

Well, long time no see!  Of course we’re starting off 2019 with a tarot reading for the entire year. I think we all need a road map of sorts to navigate what is to come.

Our spread for the year is below. I read with the traditional Rider-Waite deck this time. I have been feeling very drawn to it lately. My poor Mystical Cats deck has been hanging around, but hasn’t seen sunlight in quite a while.

tarot reading layout

January – The Fool

Move with optimism and faith in what will come with the new year. Maintain an awareness of self. Tap into your potential now and act on it so that you have developed a clear foundation for the challenges to come. Be authentic though, do not make a mockery of the path you have chosen. If it does not genuinely resonate with you, you will lose your sense of self and direction.

You can dive into January’s reading here.

February – Five of Wands

Embrace an enthusiastic outlook on change. There will likely be a lot of disjointed chaos, action without clear purpose. Maintain focus on your end goal and redirect the energy of your actions OR the energy of those involved in supporting your end goal. New Year, New You does not mean #doallthethings at the same time.

March – R Knight of Swords

We all fall victim to impulsive behavior if we are not seeing the results we expected as quickly as we wanted. It is human nature to want results quickly. You must remember that you are pursuing a new direction. You are building off of the lessons you have learned in the last year. Evaluate where your energy is still scattered. What is causing you to feel “off”? It isn’t a race.

April – Seven of Swords

Strategy, strategy, strategy! We’ve officially entered the second quarter of the year. Though we have been working on maintaining focus on how we can achieve all our goals, we have been a little all over the place. April is the month to really sit down, look at what is left to be done and how you can actually achieve it. You will be facing some challenges moving forward so be prepared to adapt.

Take the time to look at your support system. Are you dragging them along with you out of obligation? Drop any dead weight now before it impacts your plans.

May – Ten of Pentacles

These last few months have been a test of commitment and determination. Take a moment to acknowledge that all of your hard work is all in service of building your future. Family and deep connections with your community are what help you thrive. What you are building now will serve as the solid foundation for your future.

June – Ace of Swords

We made it half way through the year! And June marks a month full of breakthroughs and triumphs! As we move into the second half of the year, we are inspired and in a new stage of expansion. Now is the time to begin the next phase of your projects. However, you will need mental fortitude and clarity to navigate what comes. The sword is double sided though, knowledge equals power which equals responsibility. Pursue the truth in all things, including yourself. Now is the time to pivot if a plan no longer resonates with you.

July – R Ace of Pentacles

Take the time for some due diligence. June brought in new energy and clarity, but the R Ace of Pentacles wants us to pause. Something you were anticipating is likely to fall through, so take the time to prepare for “what may come”. Don’t allow others to fuel you into make rash decisions and jump into situations without considering the impact of this choice.

August – R Four of Cups

Our period of introspection continues. Take the time to reconnect with yourself. In the third quarter of the year, our end goals may feel as though they are staring us in the face. However, our needs and wants have likely shifted over the past few months. Make space to be alone and determine who and what is truly worth your time and energy moving forward.

September – R Chariot

This month’s key words: Self Discipline. Your goals can only be achieved through the work done by you. Allow things outside of your control to run their course ad only take action on what you can control. Is there someone who has been undermining your plans all along?

October – R Two of Pentacles

As we move into the holidays, over commitment is practically an expectation of us all. Don’t fall into the trap. Say no to things that take your time and attention away from your priorities. Evaluate where is the majority of your energy going – is it serving you or others?

November – R Queen of Wands

You are finally stepping into a space of self confidence and respect. Your practice saying no and sticking to your boundaries is truly paying off. Honor and act on your feelings. Being authentically you in all matters will draw those that truly care for and support you. You can and will achieve that which you set out too.

December – R King of Swords

Fully accept the power you wield. You have worked hard all year long to maintain clarity and put your energy towards reaching your goals. Trust the confidence you have in yourself, for that quiet power is translated into every action you take. But, with winter comes the period of retreat. Take some time to evaluate what comes next for you?

Overall Message – R Page of Cups

We are balancing scales this year. The key to living our fully authentic selves is to face our fear and doubt head on. Our inner critic will seek to undermine us and overcoming that doubt will be a consistent battle.

Our shadow work this year is to fully face this fear and determine i’s root. Is it based on the understanding of consequences of our choices or is it solely due to stepping into the unknown?

Our passion can cause us to react defensively when faced with obstacles. You must learn to accept constructive criticism and trust your intuition. Ask for help, acknowledging our need for introversion does not mean cutting others off.

card draw in 2019 tarot reading layout

As always, tarot readings are subjective. What messages I see can be interpreted differently by anyone. I would love to know what insights you pulled for yourself for the new year. Let me know in the comments if any month in particular really struck a chord with you!

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  • Sam

    This was a super interesting read. I’ve always been fascinated by Tarot cards and would love to learn more about them one day. In the meantime, I’ll take these predictions into consideration. Thanks for sharing this unique point of view!

    • magickalmavens

      Oh thank you! Tarot is such an interesting practice. These monthly readings always ensure I get some practice in. I would love to hear if they line up with anything for you in the future!

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