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Tarot Forecast – Aug 6 – 12

Hello loves! I swear that other posts from us are coming soon. This summer has just been rough. We have all retreated and been spending more and more time on our own. These eclipses have triggered some deep inner work that, with the demands on the day to day, has just taken all of our emotional energy out of us. Soon though! And if you have any special requests, always feel free to reach out.
This week’s reading had an incredibly clear message: “Trust and move towards your intentions”

1. What energy do we need to channel this week? Reversed Hermit
Listen to your inner voice. There are two messages that come with the hermit – either we need to make that time one of deep spiritual work and listening to Self or we may be spending too much time in this space.
Take a moment to reflect where you are falling on this spectrum. Time on my own has put a lot of things in perspective for me. I have been much more intentional about who gets my time outside of work and home. I have large projects I am working on and it takes all of my inner strength to not allow my anxiety and impostor syndrome issues to derail me.
2. What do we need to look out for? Reversed Priest [Heirophant]
As we walk our path we must maintain and openness and understanding to others practices. We have all encountered those that cannot open their hearts to understand others. Reflect on your own words and guidance – do not impose your own practices or beliefs on others that do not expressly ask for it. Also, set boundaries for those that attempt to impose their path on you.
3. How can we overcome challenges? The Chariot
You control your path. Clarify your intentions, make a plan, gather resources and go. Take your time as a hermit to get clarity on what it is you want and need and how to accomplish it. Do not allow the perspectives of others to shake you from your path.
SSBC * Reversed King of Cups
Do not let your inclination towards reconciliation compromise your values
Take greater control and responsibility for your current emotional state. Who is being toxic in your life? Where and who do you need boundaries with? Is your behavior the issue at hand?
Is there anything in particular that comes to mind with this reading?  I know this message rang loud and clear for me on what I need to focus on.  My energy has been feeling motivated, but scattered.
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