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Tarot Forecast – Aug 20-26, 2018

I have been channeling the Hermit quite a lot this summer. These eclipses have triggered so much within me that I haven’t really known up from down. More on that later 😉
But even with all of that, I have been working on things. Have you ever experienced a sudden and bright moment of clarity that almost seems to give you tunnel vision? I have been having those moments left and right it seems.
This week’s tarot reading resonated with me so hard this week in reference to those moments.
I even felt called to make a little change in our deck finally! A wonderful friend gifted me quite a few of his decks in the past few weeks. The traditional Rider-Waite has been gently calling my name since that time, but today I swore it yelled at me. A small push to my senses and I was upstairs pulling it from my altar.

1. What energy do we need to channel this week?

Reversed Three of Wands
A bright, shining note that our struggles should be coming to the end. Expansion, Enterprise, and Preparation all driven by foresight. Everything is progressing as it should due to your careful planning.

2. What do we need to watch out for?

Queen of Cups
The Queen is ruled by her heart rather than her head. With everything we are working towards, we must not lose sight of rational thought. As we move closer to the full moon, our emotional state is much higher. Our receptivity and intuition grows and with that, we become more responsive to the needs of those around us. We must remain actively aware of our boundaries. In order to remain focused on our creative pursuits, we must choose who and what receives our attention.

3. How can we overcome challenges?

Reversed Eight of Pentacles
Our attention to detail can begin to get in the way. We lose sight of the forest through the trees. This meticulous attention can stall your energy out and cause you to focus on making it “perfect” – which nothing will ever be. Take a step back and remember to keep at least one eye on your larger picture.

SSBC (super secret bottom card)

Five of Cups
The gentleman in the card is entirely focused on the split cups before him that he ignores what he has remaining. While our past can be painful, we must be in this present moment. Allow yourself to forgive and use your past as a learning tool. Hindsight is clearer than foresight. We cannot lose sight of the lessons we have learned to get us to this space. This also brings me to think of the concept of “half full or half empty”. Where do you consider your cup? Does that impact how you view your past and future? How does that impact how you act on opportunities?
Stay strong, positive, and self confident this week, mavens! Allow your past to inform your present, but do not let it steer for you. You can and will overcome. Dream big, be bold, act!

All my love,


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