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Tarot Forecast – 07.09-07.14.2018

Hello my loves! I feel like all I post these days are tarot forecasts… I swear I am working on other content and getting myself reorganized. I am also working on getting some other contributors on here to showcase a wider range of practice and perspective!
But, that takes time and effort and to be honest, June was not kind to me. I feel like I am still recovering and my 9-5 is sucking the life out of me, haha.
I will survive! Just another week or two and things will get back to normal and I can feel more on top of my passions and actually commit more energy to them.
Which! If you have been following any astrology readings for the week (Jess from BehatiLife is always my favorite), this week is full of awesome transits. I didn’t even have a chance to watch some of these astroforecasts until this afternoon and it was so affirming to the energy I pulled from the cards and how I was feeling today.
So, what the heck is going on.

1. What energy do we need to channel this week? The Priest
We must renew our dedication and committment to practice. The time and attention we place in our sacred space and practice allows us to remain grounded. These habits will sustain us through moments in which we may question ourselves and our path.
2. What must we look out for this week? Reversed High Priestess
We will likely come across something this week that causes us to question our inner voice. We will be experiencing a huge expansion of things as Jupiter goes direct, so as everything rushes to us, we may be worried about pursing the “right” thing. I know I have already faced new options and opportunities this week and they caused me a slight twinge of imbalance. Refocusing on my practice, my values, and what I want my life too look like gives me the assistance I need to select the “proper” path.
3. How can we overcome challenges? The Ace of Cups
Maintaining an outlook of positivity and possibility will help you move through these weaker moments. You may feel overwhelmed by everything coming at you. But because we are focusing on intentional, meaningful practice, we can trust that our soul purpose will present itself.
SuperSecretBottomCard Reversed six of cups
While we all need more fun in our life, too much can cause us too lose focus on our higher goals. It is easy to get swept up in the moment and opportunity without looking at how this impacts our overall goals. Our responsibilities still need to be addressed, so working on finding the balance that works for you should go hand in hand with developing your practice.
Are you feeling like any new doors have opened for you this week? Are you excited about them or are you finding yourself off center and overwhelmed?
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