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Tarot Forecast: 06.25-07.01.2018

Hello loves! Last week got away from me, so I’m back this week with a vengeance.
But, before that, how was your weekend!? My husband and I got to head off to Buena Vista for a long weekend and beautiful wedding. I am truly surprised at how many moments I felt pure peace and happiness. We had a small room right on the Arkansas river and just listening to it in pure silence put my spirit at ease. Do you have any favorite places that always seem to calm your soul?
But now that we’re back to our 9-5s, its time to actually prepare for the week. Sometimes, I really feel like I should do these on a Sunday, but something about facing the chaos of Monday and actually seeing where the week may be heading brings my readings so much more insight into what I’ll be dealing with.

This week, is going to be an interesting one. There is a full moon on Wednesday, so some of us may be feeling entirely exhausted and others will be feeling inspired and ready to take on the world. I always love how we all wax&wane with her in different ways.
1. What energy do we need to channel this week?
Five of Sea [five of cups]:: we will be facing some disappointments this week. Things do not always go our way no matter how hard we try to manifest them in our favor. Face each moment with the knowledge that while your pride may be hurt, it shall only last a moment. You can begin again the next day.
2. What do we need to keep an eye out for?
Reversed Seven of Fire [seven of wands]:: due to disappointments, we may be feeling particularly defensive or we may come across other’s that feel defensive. Choose your fights carefully this week. Are you coming from a place where you know you are completely in the right? Is there anywhere you can compromise?
3. How can we overcome challenges?
Reversed Sky Tom [knight of swords]:: our hearts may be feeling more open to compassion towards those in our past. Particularly those that may have been on the receiving end of our emotional detachment or fight response. Accepting that those moments are in our past and working to move forward more positively is a sign of growth. We have all done and said things we may not be proud of, but we are capable of change and growth.
SSBC *our clarity card ::
Earth Queen [queen of pentacles]:: care for yourself and others in these moments of disappointment and failure. Being devoted to spiritual practice means facing all of who we were and are. But that does not mean that we are undeserving of love and care. Hold space for those that need it, and find those that will hold space for you when you do not feel your strongest this week.
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