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Tarot Forecast – 06.11-06.18.2018

This week has been full of shifts, awakenings, and affirmations from the universe for me. Sometimes, you need to hear your own advice repeated back to you in order for you to register that you aren’t actually following your own advice. I both love and hate those moments. But, those moments are where we step outside ourselves and open up to new perspectives. I can expand on that later though if you’re interested.
It’s time for our weekly tarot forecast. I hope you’ve been enjoying these as much as I have. I love having it in my bullet journal each week. It helps keep me grounded and prepared for whats to come.
As always:
1. What energy do we need to channel
2. What do we need to keep an eye out for?
3. How can we overcome challenges?
SSBC *clarity card
1. Channel – the Queen of Pentacles
Caring for others and Self – maintain a mindset of prosperity and security. Stay compassionate, practical, and down to earth. Get grounded and take stock of your resources and how they can best serve you.
2. Look out for – Reversed Queen of Wands

  • If indicating a person – someone is being narrow minded, petty and controlling
  • Internally – could indicate a loss of passion. Your spark may feel a little diminished, your passions aren’t giving you that boost that they usually do.

3. Overcome Challenges – Seven of Pentacles
Patience and acceptance. Invest your time and energy into that which will give you the long-term benefit. Don’t waste time on frivolous people, tasks, spur of the moment/no pay off type of things. Be intentional with where you put your time and energy. And if you HAVE been doing this and have begun to feel frustrated, hold tight. It will happen, just trust that it will come to you.
SSBC Reversed King of Cups
Take control and responsibility for your emotional state. Where are your emotions controlling you? Where do you find yourself flip-flopping around. OR Is there someone in your life pulling you along due to their own emotional instability? Who is truly being the toxic one? What do you need to address and rid yourself of in order to move forward?
I hope that gives you some clarity this week! I’ve been receiving this message loud and clear for the last 3 days and for it to pop up again in a general reading means that the universe is literally banging on my spiritual door.
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