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Tarot Forecast – 05.28 – 06.03.2018

Happy Memorial Day, witches!
We were lucky to have the day off this week to enjoy the long weekend. After some adventuring out in Estes Park on Saturday, the husband and I spent almost all of Sunday relaxing and staying cozy indoors.
My dear friend Frankie, from Articulate Witch, spent most of today with me being productive. I finally got the chance to introduce her to one of my favorite podcasts, King Falls AM, and I am so hoping she loves it as much as I do. You should really check it out on Spotify. They just went on their first hiatus in three years, so now is the time to catch up!
Let me know how your weekend was! Did you go on any adventures?
Now let’s get into preparing for the coming week.
1. What energy do we need to channel?
2. What do we need to keep an eye out for?
3. How can we overcome challenges?
* SSBC – Super Secret Bottom Card; our clarity message
1. What energy do we need to channel? The Priestess
The Priestess trusts in her own power. Surrounded by amethyst in her cave, she looks within for guidance. She is a reminder that we must trust our own intuition and knowledge.
2. What do we need to keep an eye out for? Reversed The World
Reversed, the World card reminds us that all things come to their end, naturally or otherwise. What are we holding onto that has come to its end? What are we forcing to carry on due to sentimentality or fear?
3. How can we overcome challenges this week? Reversed Ace of Sky (Swords)
There is a lack of clarity surrounding us and our plans this week. Things we have been working towards have been halted or are close to falling into chaos. What is your end goal? What is the purpose?
SSBC The Hermit
The Hermit is one of introspection and solitude. Removed from the rest of the world, our thoughts are allowed to ride up above our everyday must dos and distractions and actually evaluate our personal values and principles.
This week’s astrology is interesting as well. WIth the full moon peaking tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, there is a lot of energy surrounding it. The moon will be in Sagittarius and will be bringing in an air of ACTION. Sagittarius is a wanderer and the type to try and do and create as opportunity arises. My full moon ritual tied to the prior New Moon work will be up tomorrow as well.
Things tend to sit in that space until Friday when Mercury trines Mars and Venus trines Jupiter. Our concentration will be at a high and we will likely feel more optimistic, creative and relaxed. Friday will be a good time to take all of the plans we’ve been sorting out all week and put them into real action.
On Saturday, Venus will trine Jupiter early in the morning, so all day we’ll feel their impact. Embrace the moment and allow yourself to channel romance, relaxation, and creativity. Today is the day to flow and enjoy yourself as you see fit.
So overall, the beginning part of this week should be spent in reflection and solitude. Get really clear on your WHY and how you can best achieve those goals. Make a plan and don’t get pulled along by your chaotic thoughts or situations. The end of the week is when we will be able to channel that plan into real work and results.
As always, I would love to hear your thoughts!
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