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Tarot Forecast – 05.21-05.27.2018

Happy Monday! I hope the weekend treated you well. If you were in CO (or anywhere else experiencing cold rain) that you stayed inside warm and cozied up. My initial plans over the weekend were to go on a small overnight backpacking trip, but I’m quite glad I trusted my gut to stay home. Trying to climb a mountain in the cold wet rain just didn’t sound like an enjoyable experience, haha.
I spent most of Sunday disconnected from the world. I managed some home chores and then allowed myself to read and rest. My spirit felt so much lighter walking into work this morning! Scheduled spiritual maintenance is going to become a staple of my weekly planning.
Speaking of planning, let’s dive into this week’s tarot forecast. It took me a moment to realize where it was going, simply due to my tired brain struggling to fire on all pistons. But once we got there, everything felt much more clear.
As always, the three questions and SSBC:
1. What energy do we need to channel?
2. What do we need to keep an eye out for?
3. How can we overcome challenges?
* SSBC – Super Secret Bottom Card; our clarity message
1. What energy do we need to channel? Three of Fire (Wands) Reversed
This is an interesting one as it is less about channeling energy and more about redirecting it. We’ve begun a path that we are excited about, but suddenly found ourselves facing delays or creative blocks. This week, we need to take a step back and pause. “Look before you leap!” Take the time to look at your overall goal, and pull it apart into the smaller action items. Have you forgotten anything? What did you miss? Where is the heart of this block? Taking the time to strategize and gather more information will benefit us in the long run.
2. What do we need to keep an eye out for? Earth Kitten (Page of Pentacles)
Remember to stay focused on the task at hand because it will get you to where you need to be. It is a small part of the larger picture, so do it with care. Remain practical and optimistic, it is all a part of the journey. Trust your knowledge, skills and intuition to guide you.
3. How can we overcome challenges? Demon Cat (The Devil)
We’re going to be encouraged to stray from our path. We may feel it would just be easier to go back to “how it was”, or use old unhealthy behaviors to get our way. Change and growth is difficult, do not give in. And do not stoop to someone else’s level if they become your challenge. Face them and rise above it.
*SSBC –  Reversed Grace (Temperance)
Remember to care for yourself and show yourself some grace this week. Honor yourself as sacred. The healthy lifestyle and choices you make each day serve you to reach your highest good. You left your old ways behind for a reason. But, we all have bad days. Do not beat yourself up if you succumb to temptation. You can wake up the next morning, and work to make better choices than before.
I also did a little research on the astrology for the week. I always love BehatiLife’s weekly readings, but I’m putting my reading together before she has had a chance to upload. And to be honest, the cards have lined up quite well with the sun, moon, and stars this week.
The Moon is in Virgo this evening (Monday), so we must focus on the plan, the structure and organization of things. *Ding ding ding, Three of Fire* Keep yourself grounded but do not get too caught up and burn out. Take things one day at a time.
On Friday, Jupiter in Scorpio trines with Neptune in Pisces (which means that they meet at a 120 degree angle). Apparently this won’t happen again for another 150 years!? So, today is important. We’ll feel much more intune with our intuition and empathy. Find some time to get in touch with your higher Self – meditation, get outdoors, whatever it may be that connects you to Spirit. I’m also getting some Earth Kitten vibes with this – trusting Self and our knowledge to guide us forward.
Saturday, Venus will oppose Saturn, so we may find ourselves swinging between two extremes: pursuing pleasure and staying in control. Think “long term” about your future, but allow Venus’ to pull your Spirit towards achieving your dreams. Think, feet on the ground but your head is in the clouds. It’s all about balance to get to where you want to go.
I’d love to hear any messages you may have received as you prepared for the week. Did any card in particular stick out to you, or cause you to have a twinge of intuition?
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