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New Moon in Taurus Ritual

I feel as if I’ve been walking through a gray cloud of fog and mist these last few weeks. Even with Aries pushing me along to create and do, it’s as if I’ve only been half awake through that process. This week has been the first in a long time where I have awoken with a clear mind and at ease spirit.
I felt called to share with you my ritual for this cycle. At the end, I felt as if I could truly stand tall, claim my space, and move forward.
Working with Taurus was quite interesting. Now I know I’m about a day late or so in sharing this, but I had no real plan for my ritual work this week. It just… happened! I have been wanting to do more natal chart work and this seemed to beckon me in as the perfect opportunity to start. Taurus is my Rising sign and having been struggling with my anxiety the last few weeks, working on my Self was an absolute must.
What you’ll need:
Journal/notebook & pen/pencil
4 candles*

Purple – inner healing and personal power

White – release, calming, grounding

Green – prosperity

Red – manifest

*if you have pre-designated candles in other colors, please feel free to use those. We all connect with colors differently.

Dried bay leaves
Cauldron or fire-safe bowl
Let’s begin.
Set your Sacred space however you see fit. Some may feel called to cast a circle, call in the elements or any spirits or deities. This is entirely up to you and how you will feel ready to work.
Taurus rules “I Have”. We must address our relationships, our need for things, our health, everything that we have in this physical world and how it impacts us.
In your journal, you’ll work on two sets of questions. Take as much time as you need. As always, it is important that we be honest with ourselves. Do not edit yourself, do not worry for another’s feelings. Let it all flow out of you onto the page.

1. What relationship(s) always leave me feeling drained?

2. What commitments do I have that I view only as obligation and have no emotional investment in?

3. What habits do I keep that undermine my ability to commit to the lifestyle I want?

4. What thoughts do I have about myself that are toxic? [What do you say about yourself that you would never say to a loved one?

When you feel ready, take a few small pieces of paper and write down some overall themes you came across in your writing.
Now that we’ve addressed the less positive side of “I Have”, we’ll take a look into its counterpart.

1. What relationships do I truly value? How can I foster a deeper connection with these individuals?

2. Is it possible to remove myself from commitments I have no real passion for? If not, is there any part of this obligation that you enjoy? No moment is too small. How can I encourage more of the moments I enjoy?

3. What always brings me joy? How can I incorporate that more into my lifestyle?

4. What do I value and love most about myself?

When you feel ready, write down some of the overall themes you came across in this second section on the bay leaves.
Place the four candles in a circle around your cauldron.

White, place in the direction of West..

Purple, place in the direction of North.

Red, place in the direction of East.

Green, place in the direction of South.

Light the White and Purple Candle. Say the following 3 times while burning your small paper in the cauldron.
Accepting of Self, I am embracing who I Am and my Path fully. I release myself from all preconceived expectations and unhealthy relationships and habits.
Light the Red and Green candles. Say the following 3 times while burning your bay leaves.
I am Capable. I am Worthy of Love and Affection from my Self and others. I call in abundance to my loved ones and my Self to care for all our needs.
Rest for a few moments. Enjoy the moment and allow yourself to breathe. You could take this time to meditate on any words that stuck out to you.
By my breath, I release my intentions for inner healing and acceptance into divine space.
Blow out your candles and rest. Complete the day/evening however feels best for you to care for yourself. I took a nice warm shower and read before bed.
Please let me know how you felt called to work with the new moon this cycle. I am feeling so inspired and grounded. I cannot wait to share with you what is to come – my alignment hasn’t yet felt this strong.
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