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May 2018 Full Moon in Sagittarius

I won’t lie. I was a little worried about the emotional rollercoaster this full moon was going to have me riding this week. But, after looking into the moon and all the work I did on the new moon. I’m hoping this moon will be kind to you as well!
This full moon in Sagittarius calls us to look at our life from a 10’000 foot view. If you read my tarot forecast for the week, you would know that our Super Secret Bottom Card for this week was the Hermit.
Getting clarity on our personal values, principles, morals and overall lifestyle (as it is presently and how we want it to look) is key this week.
After the questions I posed in our new moon ritual, I feel like we have kind of already done most of that work! Now, it our chance to pause and recognize what we have fully committed to, what is feasible in our lives at the moment, and what is just not currently possible to integrate into our lives.
This full moon ritual is going to be pretty relaxed. While Sagittarius wants to try all of the things and be adventurous – this evening can be a moment of rest. You can do and try all you want in the morning.
What you’ll need:
One white candle
Your journal/grimoire/BOS
Yep. you read that. Just one white candle and whatever it is you do your work in. Rituals can be incredibly simple and still pack a punch.
Get into your sacred space. Get comfortable and take the time to do a grounding meditation or your preferred practice.
Light the white candle and focus on the things listed above:
What have you fully committed to bringing into your life this cycle?
Has it been working? Why or why not?
If why not, is it something that you just cannot feasibly commit to right now?
Remember – you don’t need to do all of the things all at the same time. Maybe there are changes you want to bring into your life that require a little more preparation, other foundational habits, or just more of you to focus on it.
Once you get a clear idea of what is and isn’t working for you – focus on releasing yourself of any inner obligation or expectation to remain held to what is not working.
Push all of that energy and emotional tie into the candle. Let yourself fill with warmth from head to foot as you release it. When you feel ready, fully release it into the universe by blowing out the candle.
Gently close your space however you see fit.
I hope that by releasing the habits and things that just are not working you find yourself opened to fully committing to what is working for you! Perhaps this will give you some more time and energy to expand and try something new.
As always, I love hearing from you! Especially when using these workings – I’d love to know if they work for you!
All my love!
Full Moon Ritual - May 2018
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