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Building Your Own Wheel of the Year

If you don’t really want to tie your practice to the traditional wheel, make your own! The key is to nail down the seasons or times that feel truly significant to you.
Building a WOY
If I were to create my own wheel, it would probably look something similar to this:
Christmas has always been a significant holiday in my life.  My parents loved the holiday and it was always filled with delicious food.  You can read a bit more about it here.
Summer Solstice
I adore the summer in the Rockies.  My allergies may disagree with me, but being able to go outside and up into the mountains with pretty much no worries is the best. It’s gorgeous and green and just, alive. This is when my husband and i first got together, and when we eventually got married. So summertime holds a lot of sweet memories for me.
October/ early November
So this isn’t tied to a specific solstice or sabbat like Samhain.  I don’t actually enjoy Halloween much (I know, I have just lost any witch street cred I was racking up there for a moment). It’s fun to celebrate but I don’t enjoy being scared, I don’t work with spirits or my ancestors.  It’s a beautiful time for self reflection – but I mostly just enjoy retreating back into my house as it gets colder and start making all kinds of delicious, yummy, cozy foods. I have touched on common Samhain practices before though! You can read those here, if you’re looking for ideas.  This was written before I realized how much time and energy I just don’t have for every holiday.
And that’s pretty much it. I’m not a huge holiday doer already.  I enjoy more day to day intentional stuff than large altars and rituals. I’ve planned a few sabbat events within the Magickal Mavens facebook group, but only as an excuse to hang out. I’m a terrible sabbat follower, so don’t feel like you need to adhere to it in order to have a meaningful practice.
Assess the seasons, months, that have greatly impacted your life, bring you great joy or caused you to reflect. Use those as a starting point.
This has been a helpful video in assessing what areas were significant to me:  Reinventing the Wheel of the Year, Witch Hazel’s Cauldron 
Check out the full recommended reading list here!
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