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Discovering Path & Practice

Humans like to categorize things. We like to check off boxes, fit things together in our attempt to make sense of the world. We break things down in an attempt to provide context in every aspect of our lives.  Ambiguity is not our friend. Ambiguity causes chaos.
Even our craft and spirituality have been broken down to help ease this ‘box-checking’ obsession of ours.
Discovering Path & Practice
Why can’t we just be?  Younger generations are tired of ticking boxes that no longer serve a clear purpose. We may be data-driven, but we’ve grown tired of those data points being this or that. One or Two. Male or Female. Blue or Red
A lot of assumptions are made because of this habit.
So, this month I’m going to try to tackle some spiritual and religious paths and craftwork types. You can find literally a million and one books on Wicca. So, I won’t waste my time, haha. If you want to know more about Wicca, I highly suggest you pick up Raymond Buckland’s big blue book.  It has everything you need to begin pursuing a Wiccan practice.
There a few very important things I want to say before you dive in.

  1. I am not part of any of the following cultures that I researched, nor do I practice any of the religious paths mentioned.  I have tried my hardest to represent them in a respectful, supportive way but there is always the chance the my own bias or misunderstanding of these cultures has snuck in.  If you do see something and feel it needs my attention, please do not hesitate to let me know.
  2. Closed cultures & closed practices. There is a lot of discussion happening concerning racism and cultural appropriation – spiritual practices are not exempt from these conversations. It is imperative that as practitioners seeking information and education that we recognize our privilege in studying these practices. Many paths reflect the suffering and pain of the people that they developed from.  Being expressly invited to practice a closed faith is one thing, taking it on simply because it calls to you is another.

So what are we going to be breaking down?  Let’s start with some of the most common we see within the United States – Hoodoo, Voodoo and Santeria.  I am on the hunt to expand this, but this seemed a fitting place to begin.
Spiritual and Religious Paths
Hoodoo and Voodoo
Defining Practice and Craftwork
There is only one type of craftwork I’ve come across that seems to throw all caution to the wind and focus more on just “doing”, rather than fitting into a specific box. Chaos magick is intriguing.
Chaos Magick

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