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Discovering – Chaos Magick

Every time I hear “chaos magick,” I honestly have no idea to what they are referring.  And honestly, it seems to mean something different to everyone!
Magick is all about shaping the world around us through our will or by focusing the energy of the universe or divine power [depends on your perspective].  Chaos magick is focused on that same goal – but in a completely unstructured, uncontrolled fashion [hence the chaos!].
Discovering Chaos Magick
No personal practice develops when utilizing chaos magick.  What you did yesterday in ritual, or casting, or whatever likely will never be used in the same fashion.  It’s not written down or established as tradition.
Over time, practitioners learn what causes their greatest results, but belief is what drives their practice.  Chaos magicians and witches impose their will upon the universe to fulfill their desire.  They do not commune with the forces of nature, or deity, or call power as done in traditional practices.  They rely on sheer force of will and their intuition.
It is utterly fascinating to me.
As humans we are known for liking and thriving under routine.  Even if it is not a strict routine, an expectation of what must be done and why is at most of our core needs. Chaos magick simply assesses what is available to the practitioner in the moment and then cast aside once completed.
There is a psychological concept known as a gnosis state in which it is thought that the power of magic resides. This state of consciousness occurs when an individual is solely focused on their task or goal.  Once an individual leaves this state, it is believed that the power of the subconscious begins to work on manifesting the intended outcome.
The trust in one’s power and mind is the foundation of chaos magick.  Which is striking and calls to me in such a strong way.  Yet, this practice also stresses me out! However, I plan to challenge myself with it a little.
Because this path clearly confuses me, and most people, I highly recommend you watch this video that provides an awesome breakdown of working with this practice. Check it out here.
How would chaos magick fit into your practice?   Does it make sense to you or does its lack of basically any foundation cause you as much anxiety as it does me?
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