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When I do a tarot reading for myself, it’s usually to relax. Right before bed, I pull a few cards, ponder them for a minute, and maybe journal as well. It typically goes no further than thinking about the cards advice, and maybe subtly implementing the cards message in the few days after the reading. But using a tarot reading simply to relax is not using it to its full potential.
Lately I’ve been listening to the Biddy Tarot Podcast and something that Brigit Esselmont, the podcast’s creator, mentions fairly often is using tarot to instigate action. That is very different from how I usually use tarot, so I of course became intrigued. The basic concept seems to be that you should, when reading for yourself, treat yourself as if you were a client.
For me that means making sure that I take notes as I read the cards, and sum up the message of the cards in a helpful clear way, both things I don’t do when I am just reading for myself.
Looking to the cards for something to do rather than just something to think about turns tarot into a more powerful tool for immediate self-improvement.
I am challenging myself to pull at least one card a day for the month of December. As I reflect on that card’s advice, I pull from it something I can DO, that minute, that day, that week, to move closer to my goals.
If you’d like to follow along, or even join in, check out my Instagram @mistilneytarot and post your own pictures. If you want me to see them, tag me, @magickalmavens, and use the tag #misstilneyactionchallenge.
At the end of December, I will post an article summing up this month’s tarot challenge, and feature any your cool tarot photos! I hope you join me!

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Tarot Action Challenge

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