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Why I Don't Hide My Spirituality

There is a lot of empowerment to be found in spiritual spaces. Learning to love yourself, claim your space, your power, build beautiful lasting relationships focused on lifting you through your darkest moments.
But there is still fear.
Working to better yourself creates an openness in you. Your emotions are heightened, your desire for connection and understanding.  For the people that do not or cannot understand that, it can create a strong and heartbreaking divide.
It can feel like a target.
There is still darkness in our “religiously-free” culture.  Anyone on any path could and SHOULD recognize that.
MMusing - Why I don't hide
I had a family member, someone I had generally looked up to as a kind person, flat out disown me and tell me I was a horrible person for not following a Christian path.  If I had been standing in front of them… well I’m not quite sure the reaction I would have garnered.
I’ll take the potential melt-downs, confrontation, and future disowning if it means I am staying true to where my spirit is called.
If I chose to hide my spirituality, I wouldn’t be speaking my truth. I would be doing myself and others a disservice by assuming they either do not care or would not understand.
Our souls all resonate differently. As long as we are all working on being compassionate, caring, and empathetic to others, why should we be so concerned about what it is called or where we practice?  We are all trying to better ourselves and our understanding of the world around us.
Spirituality and religion should always be a personal choice.  Otherwise, our spirits slowly starve and never find fulfillment.
I hope your path is one filled with love, support and comfort, no matter what it may be.  I hope that your spirit sings when you live in harmony with those pure intentions.
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