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Dear Miss Tilney – Anxiety & Self Care

Hello Mrs. Anxious!

Thank you so much for writing in! Your question was short and sweet.

“What is the root of my anxiety? And how do I address it?”

While this is a pretty vague question, it’s one that a lot of people, including myself, probably want answers to.
I do not feel comfortable answering this question outright, as it has to do with mental health. Many people have severe, life-impacting anxiety, and my advice won’t do much to help those people. Those of you with severe anxiety should make sure you are getting the professional help that you need. However, those with both severe anxiety and those with day-to-day worries and stress can use tarot to examine the root of their anxiety, and to do something about it.
I created two spreads to help you get at the root of your worries.
DMT - Anxiety
Because you are feeling so anxious, taking the time to do a reading should be a moment of self-care. A lot of the time, the mere act of sitting down with my tarot cards to determine a course of action can soothe my worries. I like to do readings like this around bed time so that I can wind down my day directly after. Get some tea, a snack, and light a candle. I like to play ambient noises like waterfalls or nature sounds. Shuffle the cards, and jump in.
The first spread is a modified version of the simple past/present/future spread.
The traditional past/present/future spread includes three cards. The first cards examines what in your past is influencing your current situation. The second card represents the present situation, and the third card shows you what could happen if you remain on your current path.
In the modified version, I explore where your anxiety came from, how it is manifesting itself, and what you can do about it.
The first card answers the question “What is at the root of my anxiety?” This card will help you figure out where your worries came from. This could show you the true problem that is at the root of your worry and provide the first step towards fixing the problem.
The second card answers the question “How is my worry manifesting itself?” Knowing how your anxiety is affecting you can help you recognize what behaviors and feelings are coming from your anxiety rather than from you.
The third card answers the question “What can I do to ease my anxiety?” This card will show you something that you can actually do to either solve the problem or calm you down so that you are capable of solving the problem.
The second spread is more of a back and forth chat with your tarot deck.
A lot of the time, I prefer to read for myself this way. I pull out my deck, and I shuffle for a long time. As I shuffle, I chat. I tell my deck whatever I have been worried about lately, whether it seems relevant or not. At some point, my ramblings lead me to a specific question. When I get to that point, I ask the question, and pull a card. I take notes on the card, sometimes writing down the card name and the keywords, sometimes I write a full interpretation for that card, and sometimes I ignore it for the moment. Then, I ask any other questions that pop into my head.
If I had been feeling anxious and wasn’t sure why, the first question I would ask is “am I worried about something specific?” If the answer was yes, I would then ask “what is it that I am worried about?” if the first card didn’t clearly state my concern, or “what can I do to solve the problem?” If there wasn’t anything specific that I was worried about, I might ask my deck what I could do to calm down.
For more complicated questions, I pull a couple of cards at a time. I typically finish up readings that focus on negative feelings with something more positive. I love using my Spirit Cats deck to cheer myself up and bring me a little bit of peace, but any affirmation deck or oracle deck can be used to end on a positive note. One of my favorite questions to ask that deck is “what makes me capable of handling this situation?” The deck will remind you what makes you strong, capable, and brave.
After completing the reading, I like to wind down. These readings can be a little bit stressful, as they are addressing what is stressing you out right now. Though ending on a positive note or with an affirmation deck can help me with the stress, I like to go a step further.
Like I said earlier, I probably would have done this reading right before bedtime, so I can just move right into my bedtime routine. Most nights I try to do some yoga before I go to bed, and then shower. The yoga makes me exhausted and the shower makes me sleepy, so that I actually fall asleep once I get into bed.
Thank you for writing in Mrs. Anxious! I hope this helps you figure out what is going on, and I hope it helps any of our other lovely readers with their worries as well! Happy Sunday!

~ Miss Tilney

Miss Tilney has pursued her own venture! Please follow her Instagram for readings.
Disclaimer:  tarot readings are for entertainment and spiritual purposes only. I do not claim to be, nor act as, a medical or legal professional and will not answer questions of that nature.
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