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Preparing for the Full Corn Moon

I love the moon.  I’ve always thought she was beautiful and I could stare at her all evening.  When I began my path I immediately gravitated towards her.  She is such a stable body in which to center your spiritual being on.
The Harvest Moon typically falls in September, but this year it will rise in October.  The Harvest Moon is always the full moon closest to the autumn equinox (Mabon).
So this month’s moon falls back to other traditional names – the Full Corn Moon or the Barley Moon.  Either way, this moon marks the end of fire season.  We’ll soon be surrounded by snow and cold and be forced to look inward to channel the energy we seek.
The August eclipse really threw us into a time of significant change and how we capitalized on that energy is going to face some challenges.  AstrologyKing has a great comprehensive breakdown of all the astrological craziness that we’re going to be feeling.
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With all of that in mind, We’re going to need some preparation for the second half of this cycle. My full moon activities are rarely scheduled.  I tend to fall into whatever “feels right” in the moment  – even if that means I only charge up my crystals and head to bed early.  This full moon ritual will be no different as I am making it a full week of prep.

Here is the plan:

  • Get Organized.

I have been clouded lately and have had a difficult time re-centering and taking control of what needs to be done.  Now is the time to hustle, to deal with things, so they do not spiral. I’ve got big plans for the end of the month, this is no time to let crazy moon drama get in my way.

  • Practice patience and self-care.

If you read my guidance from the August tarot challenge, there were a lot of not-so-subtle hints to get back to the things I love and to care for myself. So I’m going to start off strong with getting back to my workout routine and healthy eating. I always feel better when I’m working out – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Making this a strict part of my routine will
help me navigate potential negative situations or overcome challenging ones much more quickly.

Night Of:

  • Ritual bath to clear away any negative energies built up from the week to face things with a fresh clear mind
  • Tarot and candle work to build up some positive energy and do some serious soul searching on some opportunities that have come up.

How do you plan on facing and preparing for the end of this cycle?  Are there specific rituals you practice on every full moon or are you a bit more of a “wing-it” witch like me?
Love & Light, Mavens!
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