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New Moon – September 2017

The world around us is slowly shifting. The air is developing that bite that cleanses you to your core. The leaves seeking to be bright like the sun, no longer reflecting the lush grass below them. We will begin turning inwards, searching for intimacy with ourselves and our families.

The coming moons will mark a time of serious reflection and self growth.

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The upcoming new moon is one step in this transitional time. It will be the first new moon since the eclipse. It’s important to remember what course we set for ourselves and harness that residual energy.
I like to take into account the astrological influence I will face in the coming weeks.

With the new moon on September 20th, we will face some challenges that truly shake us and make us face some painful wounds. We may have to make some changes to our original goal. If we can face our pain, be flexible and adapt, we can overcome.

The full moon marks the peak in this cycle. Here, we will need to be strong in our boundaries, moving away from those that bring us down or seek to manipulate us for their own gain. Our initial focus on flexibility and adaptation must follow us all through this cycle. Do not allow yourself to be self-sacrificing to appease another. Care for yourself.

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My rituals are always centered around tarot. For me, it is an incredible tool for growth and understanding.  I have a horrible tendency to compartmentalize and bury things away.
Once you can identify the source of your pain, whether it be a person or event, let yourself feel it.
Don’t bury it back down and pretend you aren’t hurt. Don’t just wish it away. By letting yourself acknowledge every part of your pain (even at the most irrational level), you are already take steps to accept it and move past it. I usually journal on what comes through in my readings.  It forces me to face my feelings instead of rationalizing everything away with that habit of mine.
Once I’ve stopped my emotional ranting at my defenseless notebook, when I feel I truly have nothing left to give, my questions always delve down into actionable tasks or intentions I should hold.
Those actions or intentions will go into my planner. I am still developing certain aspects of my craft. Sheduling certain tasks or making myself daily reminders gives me that “every day witch” feeling.  I am always on my path and journey – not just when I am in the safety of my own home.
What are your favorite tools to incorporate into your moon rituals? How do you connect with the cosmos and let them guide you?
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