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Our generation is obsessed with self-care. We purchase and invest more into ourselves than any other generation before.
Self care and self love are cornerstones of my practice. Learning to see all the layers of me and accepting them has been my first major spiritual challenge.
My morning routine has become very important to setting the tone for my day. If I feel off, I know I must work even harder to keep myself grounded and on track for the rest of the day.
I began using mantras to focus my energy on what I needed. I implement them through my normal routine to ensure I’m on time (because I am prone to sluggish mornings) and ensure I can practice them regularly without all the “show” and prep of a Ritual.
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Here are some of my favorite mantras I use during my morning routine:
I am calm, cleansed, and renewed.
I am heard, for I am in my power.
My mind is my strength, my body my temple.
I claim my space. I command my power.
I am made of stardust and magick. My will is in line with the universe.
I am the embodiment of HER. I am an unstoppable force of feminine power.*

* This is not to ignore the masculine energy we hold within us. That energy is vital, yet it is generally where our energy lies due to societal expectations in every day life. This is to channel our feminine power and allow it to rise to the forefront.

However, you cannot just rely on the mantras to get you through the day.
Mantra is only words. You have to move yourself into feeling it – to aligning all of your energy to that intention.  
Your mantra should align with the understanding that your needs are a priority.
We have a phrase at work that hopefully encompasses our culture. Our hope is that we are all “ladder down” people. That is to say that as our own success grows, we lower the ladder so that other’s may rise with us. We want to build the foundation so that those future generations can forge new paths and create positive change in the world.
You can make yourself a priority and still be a ladder down person. Learning to say no, and establishing healthy boundaries in the relationships in your life does not make you a terrible person. It is vital you do so.
I still struggle with “no”. I’m sure I will for a long time. I want to help everyone in need, even if I know I’m sacrificing my time and digging myself into a hole that I know I won’t ask for help out of. It is a vicious cycle that I know I have to break.

It is vital to your own sanity and well being that you learn to prioritize yourself.

That means trusting your intuition. Learn to hear yourself and trust yourself.

Don’t let the fear of “what if’s” keep you from saying yes to new opportunities.

Speak. Your. Truth.

Hurting people’s feelings in inevitable, you cannot please all people nor should you have the expectation that you can. You’re magickal, not a miracle worker. Use your judgement to determine the best way to communicate with someone, but if you feel it must be said – say it. It may be painful, but from that experience we grow and learn. You can and will move past those moments.

Stay in your lane.

You cannot control the actions of others. Do not let them sweep you along on their ride simply because they feel they can. Learn your limits and offer assistance when you can genuinely provide it. Your path is not their path.

Love & accept yourself.

All of yourself, even the awful parts that hurt to look at. They are what make you you. You are magickal and if you are determined to set change about in your life, you must use all parts of you to do so.
Working on the every day to trust my instincts and stay true to my feelings is difficult. My intuition used to be incredibly strong and I shied away from it. It will take a long time for me to truly get that back, if I ever do. In the meantime, I am working on trusting my decisions and learning from the mistakes that come.
Do you rely on mantras or other craft such as spellwork and sigils to focus your energy? What is your favorite ritual to have a little “every day magick”?
Love & Light, Mavens!
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