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Everyday Magick: Getting Grounded

You’ve probably seen numerous pagan/witch platforms claiming that the greatest tool in a witch’s arsenal is their ability to ground.
They aren’t lying.
Mother Earth’s energy provides a stabilizing force that we can tap into to calm and pull away our erratic energies.
Being an empath, I’ve always found my energy is highly affected by those around me and situations that require a high level of emotional intelligence. I often find myself easily swayed or pulled along because I am unable to keep my feet on the ground.
While many of us, myself included, typically avoid confrontation due to the potential for negative emotions that can bubble up – learning to face and manage it is a necessity of life.

As I have grown, I’ve found it necessary to establish boundaries to protect my own energy.

Being empowered to establish those boundaries has helped me perform stronger professionally and personally.  I understand my limits and other’s motivations much clearer. Developing emotional boundaries with friends and loved ones is important to ensure you can support them in healthy ways without letting them overwhelm you.
It is difficult for me to find time during a busy work day, when I can feel myself becoming overwhelmed and flustered, to take a moment to get grounded.  I adapted some practices to fit my own needs and better integrate with my daily schedule. Because I find working out to be a calming and cleansing experience, I applied the same logic to my daily grounding practice.

Everyday Witchcraft - Getting Grounded

There are certain aspects of our day that are so routine, you could pretty much do them in your sleep. Those are the activities I save for moments when I need a break. I remain productive, but can give myself a mental break.
While I perform this task, hopefully while standing (I love my standing desk), I let my mind slowly move into an almost “tunnel vision” like space. I want my vision and the active part of my brain to be solely focused on this simple task (filing, simple payment processing, even walking to a meeting).
There is a moment when you become aware of your internal energy and can acknowledge your anxiety or worries in a way that does not cause you to panic further.
When I can feel my own erratic energy, I envision a bright rope of light extending from the base of my spine deep into the Earth. I let this light manifest however it sees fit, I do not attempt to hold onto a specific image such as a rope, or vine, etc. All that matters is that it is a constant stream of energy from you into the Earth.
As I settle into this connection, I attempt to tie the energy I release and take in with my breath. As I breathe in, I envision drawing Earth’s energy up the cord into my spine and letting it fill me. As I breathe out, I release all of the things I cannot immediately or directly control. The root of my anxiety typically comes from a space of “not knowing” or being unable to control the actions of others.
This practice allows me to center myself on what I can control and trust in my decisions.


I’ve found this to be an excellent way to practice entering a meditative state (in a potentially uncontrollable environment), and allowing myself to face my concerns in a calm manner.
Establishing boundaries has greatly empowered my ability to judge situations in all aspects of my life. I no longer have to focus solely on making it through day by day. I have the clarity to think ahead and advocate for myself.
How do you practice grounding? Is it part of your morning/nightly routine, or do you utilize it in ritual work?
Love & Light, mavens!
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