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Discovering My Pagan Path

As I mentioned in my About Me , my journey began in the gym about a year ago.
All my reasons for never going to the gym were gone when I graduated and when I came across an ad for a boot camp program, I felt something inside me shift. I took a leap and this wave of calm overtook me.  I was right where I was supposed to be – I was finally giving my body what it needed. I was taking care of myself and pushing that anxiety-inducing boundary completely opened my mind.
Months later, one of my sisters mentioned  that she identified as “pagan”.  As she explained her view of the world, I felt it again.  Something inside made a hand-brake turn and slid into place.
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Next thing I knew, I was up to my eyes in articles, history, anything I could get my hands on.
I fell headlong into a whirlwind.
The tarot bug bit me hard and fast (much to our bank account’s dismay).  The moon has become my guide.  My natal chart made my head spin.
I’ve since taken a step back and started to take each interest in stride.  Being overwhelmed by all the tools is so easy – but they quickly become useless if you don’t learn and grow from their use.
It took a serious period of self-evaluation to discover what it was I needed. I felt out of whack,  but I knew I was on the right track.  I had this sudden (and frankly, unexpected) need to go outside, to just be away from the city.  Which was odd, considering how much I had always disliked camping or anything remotely outdoorsy. Bugs and dirt were never on my list of “things to experience”.
I now seek it out regularly. I feel at ease on a trail. My mind goes blank when I force my body to overcome the physical obstacles. Any tension or anxiety I felt just melts away.
I love feeling the shift as the weather turns, or as you come over a mountain peak. You can feel nature’s energy always seeking balance – always searching for neutral. Even when it’s wild and chaotic, you know that the calm will come.  The quiet will settle into place and everything will just be.
My path has become that search for balance.  I have always struggled with processing my own thoughts and emotions.  Because obviously emotions are a bad thing and should not be felt. I finally let myself feel and decide if it is something worth holding onto or if I can let it go.
I’m always learning and growing though.  Change is inevitable.  But for now, I like where I am heading.
I’d love to know how you discovered your path or if you were raised in a pagan home! Stories always make me so happy and I think it shows such diversity in our community. Everyone’s soul sings to a slightly different tune but we all manage to find our way here.
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  • Dyslexic Witch

    Thanks for sharing. I wish I had grown up in a pagan home, but my children certainly will! I discovered Paganism through mythology books when I was a kid. Around 8-year-old, the Greek Goddess Hestia came to me, said that They existed, as did pagans. I’ve been devoted to Her every since. I discovered Wicca and witchcraft when I was 10, then spent many years as an eclectic pagan and witch of many trades. Poseidon led me to Hellenic Polytheism, which I’ve been for over a year. Although still a practitioner of the magikal arts, I’m also beginning to explore Light/Energy Working, thanks to a workshop that I attended at a local public Lammas ritual on Sunday. Always evolving. 🙂

    • magickalmavens

      That is amazing that she came to you at such a young age! I love how our practices can evolve so much as we mature. I don’t work or worship any deities but I have a few friends that do. Their bond with them is beautiful.
      Do you have many local events? I didn’t realize how open Denver was about paganism and practice until recently. It’s blown my mind. 🌙

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